Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Yes, its the start of a new year and most ladies are desperately seeking for ways to rekindle their relationships and make it even tighter. Every woman who profoundly cares about her man will surely be looking for ways to make things a whole lot better between them. What a woman wants is a man who'll love her sweetly and treat her like a woman. Unfortunately, sometimes, we don't get to enjoy any of these from the boys, so how do you go about it? Try these very simple ways to get your man happy with you and loving you more this 2018.

Compliment him. If you have not been used to complimenting your man before now, now is the time to start. Tell him he looks good when he looks good, and when he's not exactly looking dashing, still tell him he looks good all the same. Its not only ladies who love

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Stop! Watch out for these 5 warning signals before saying I do

Marriage is beautiful. Marriage can be heavenly. But this can only happen when you get it right from the start. Marriage requires utmost caution when going into it. You have to be certain you're heading into it with the right partner otherwise, you're probably in for one hell of a tortuous experience. The following a few warning signals you must watch out for before plunging into marriage with the one you call Apple of your eyes.

UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: Does your partner have unrealistic expectations of you? Is she, for instance, getting married to you simply because she believes you have the prospect of hitting it big time a couple of years into your marriage? Or, is he thinking because you come from an affluent home your family would do him some huge financial favours as a son-in-law? Once you spot that these appears to be your partner's expectations, and not that she/he genuinely loves you, stop and do a rethink, marrying him/her might not be such as good idea, it will surely boomerang at some point.

EXTREME INCOMPATIBILITIES: A lot of people make the mistake of

Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Another brand new year just kicked off and, traditionally, many of us have gathered together our new year resolutions for 2018. We have listed some of those little vices we know we have got to drop and resolve to do some new stuffs that would make us look better, feel better and happier with ourselves this new year. But the question is, the resolutions you came up with last year, for how long did you manage to keep them - a day, a week, a month? This year mustn't go same way. Here are 5 ways that you can adopt to help you keep your resolutions this year. And they're sure pretty easy ways.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: A lot of times when people try to

Friday, 29 December 2017

Take Your Marriage / Relationship to a new level in 2018; Just do these 5 things... the 4th is key!

Its the end of another year and the beginning of a new one. For a lot of people, the past twelve months have been very difficult ones financially and emotionally. For couples, never in the history of our country has the marriage institution been under such a severe threat as this. While we're battling with the extremely harsh effects of the recession on one side, our marriage institution was under terrible siege on the other side. It was becoming common place to wake up in the morning to the news of either a man who just butchered his wife, or a wife who just ripped her husband's stomach apart in a fit of anger. Sad, isn't it? But, hey, here at Teekayspeaks, we are optimists and we guarantee you all of this would soon be put behind us. We will all begin to enjoy unending bliss in our relationships and unions again, but we have to start working on it from this minute. Surely, there are hundreds of marriages out there that are a bit far from being blissful, here are tips to help you turn your relationship around and take it to a whole new level next year.

Friday, 22 December 2017


Have you been following the crazy trend happening in our young couples' marriages lately? Aren't you scared? You should be. Every parent, and parents to be, should. This is totally alien to us. In our time, we rarely saw our parents turn each other into punching bags, much less perform mindless knife- stabbing rituals on each other like one who's been put under some strange spell. We didn't see any of that, thankfully. But what we're seeing now isn't anything anyone should feel unconcerned about, even if it hasn't happened to you or anybody close to you. For some reasons we simply cannot explain, our sons and daughters have now turned into some sort of vampires who now seek only to take the lives of the one person they claimed they would love and cherish till death do them part - their partner.

Monday, 18 December 2017


This one's for couples who haven't exactly been having a pleasant time with their relationship/marriage in the last couple of months. Xmas is here and its time to be merry. Families, couples, everyone's gearing up for the Xmas celebrations, but you, you have no idea what direction yours would even take. You and your partner haven't been doing stuffs together lately. You guys barely talk, you try to be polite to each other, but nothing real and natural, all you do is strive to tolerate each other without causing any conflict. This is the Xmas season, the time to loosen up and enjoy the euphoria of the time. It is the time to show love to one another and tighten up that bond between you guys before it finally snaps. Here are few tips you could give a shot if you're desperate to make things work between you and your beau this season.

Friday, 15 December 2017

..."It just happened"

Do you know that many married people; men and women alike who have extramarital affairs do not purposely go out to find a romantic interest outside of their marriage? Many people say, “I didn’t mean for it to happen; it just happened.” But these things “just happen” when we “play with fire” and put ourselves in situations that are difficult to control. 

When we feel a spouse is not attentive to our needs, we can easily feel that we have “fallen in love” with someone else who does seem to give us give us the attention we crave for. When you feel ignored or under-appreciated by a spouse, you should communicate your struggles with your spouse and avoid the danger of seeking comfort elsewhere, especially in an opposite sex.