Monday, 20 May 2019


A lot of times, most women in love throw caution to the dogs and fall flat in love. They feel that its okay to be all over a guy you like once you sense he likes you too. Yes, its okay. Sometimes. Truth is, a lot of times, men quickly lose desire in a girl that's all over them from the word go. But when you make the guy sweat a little, make him want you more, then you might just something strong and enduring on your hands. Here's five ways to make him miss you all the time and want you more. 

Wednesday, 8 May 2019


Ask 20 women if they have have at one point or the other gone through their partners phone and you're likely to find that only one out of the 20 ladies will tell you she doesn't go through her man's phone. No matter how trusting a woman can be of her man, at some point in the relationship, especially if the relationship begins to stretch into months and then a year upwards, there would be moments when she'll have doubts about her partner's sincerity. When this happens, the woman starts to monitor her partner's movement. She begins to question his every move and read all sorts of meanings into his words and actions. And one of the habits most women develop when doubts and distrust begin to set into the relationship is going through her man's phone behind his back to see if she can find new female names and contacts, and most importantly, love messages sent to her by another woman. This is something most women are guilty of. They go through their partner's messages and begin to confront him on some of the seemingly romantic messages she found in the phone. Some do not even stop there, they also go ahead to call some of the female contacts and confront the ones they suspect are dating their man. But this action, a lot of times, have backfired. Here are four reasons why it may not be a good idea to go through your man's phone and begin to call up female contacts you suspect are dating your man!

Friday, 26 April 2019


Every now and then, little misunderstandings are bound to come up in our relationships and marriages as well. What will be most significant is how well we respond to these issues when they come up. What is important is for us to learn to be rational while dealing with problems that spring up in our relationships. While some people are careful enough to take quite sensible actions, others tend to do the unreasonable, such as denying your partner sex just because you're not happy with him. Yes, some could argue that it has worked for them, but the fact remains that it will do more harm than good and the following are the reasons why.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019


These days, one of the biggest challenges parents face is their inability to give as much time as they would've loved to their children. Early in the morning most parents are up and already hitting the road to get on with the day's work or business. By the time the parents are getting ready for work or business, the kids are also getting ready for school. And by the time mum and dad return home in late the evening the kids are probably in bed, asleep. There's barely time to bond. There's no time to monitor the kids growth and progress in the school. Parents say they've got to work hard to make enough money to provide for the kids, but still, making out time for them is as essential as making enough money to give them the best things in life. Here are six ways you can bond with your children.

Sunday, 7 April 2019


Sex can be really exciting. As a matter of fact, it is the most exciting experience in the world, going by the standards of many people. Yet, it does come with its own little issues. Two of them is infection and the other is the smell the male and female semen can emit during love making. For a lot of women, they have found the issue of smell to be major problem. Some even think the smell problem is peculiar to them alone. They use all sorts of things to wash their vagina just so they can smell nice down there. But sometimes, this might not be such a great idea. Here are five important things you should know about sex.

*Stop using all manner of stuffs to wash your vagina after sex. Many ladies think this helps them keep infections away, but it doesn't always work that way. Medical experts say that this could lead to more infections because it tends to upset the natural balance of bacteria which tends to protect the vagina. They advise that a mild vaginal smell is normal and may not be a sign of a problem. 

*Practice simple clean up. Yes, we know that sex smells, but do not start fretting just because of this. Get a warm water, and possibly with a mild soap and clean up yourself gently after sex. This will protect you and your partner from infections. Wash the area around (not inside) your genitals with warm water. Avoid scented tampons, powders sprays, if you notice you pick infections easily.

*Don't hold back your urine. People are usually advised not to hold back urine after sex because during sex bacteria could get into the urethra, which is the tube that carries urine out of your body. So, when you pee, you are able to flush those germs in the process. 

*Drink a lot of water. Not necessarily a lot of water, but just enough to keep you hydrated and help you pee more. It usually helps when you drink water after sex. This enables you flush out more bacteria from your system before infections can come up. 

*Always wash your hands. This is more applicable if there is a delay in having a shower after sex and it is to prevent the spread of bacteria. Washing your hands is the best way to stop the spread of bacteria you might pick up from touching your genitals and that of your partner. Once the love making is over and you can't hit the shower afterwards, then you must try to wash your hands.