Saturday, 21 July 2018


We know how it feels. Your relationship has come to an end and it's like your world has come to an end. Everything appears to be at a standstill for you. If the relationship only lasted for a few months or for a long term, the feeling can still be as devastating. Sometimes, you begin to wonder if you will ever be happy again, now that your sweetheart is out of your life. Don't you worry about a thing, this one too shall pass away and you will smile again. The following are 10 ways to help you get through a break-up.

*Delete all contacts. This will ensure you don't fall for the temptation of wanting to hear his voice so soon after the break -up. Chances are that you might be trying to force a comeback which might not do you any good. Forget about him and cut of all ties such as facebook, whatsapp, etc.

*Cry if you feel like it. If you think giving yourself a good cry would make you feel better, then go ahead and do so. So, don't try to hold back the tears, let it go. You will certainly feel better.

*Distract yourself. Keep your mind preoccupied. Focus your mind, thoughts and energy on things that excite you and not things that will only break your heart the more.

*Find new hobbies. Look for things that excite you and

Monday, 16 July 2018


Let's face it, a lot of people, both men and women, are going through one form of depression or the other right now. The state of the Nigerian economy has really left many battered and bruised. And part of it's attendant effects is what we are witnessing these days with the rise of domestic violence in many homes. A lot of men, husbands, fathers, who have either lost their jobs or are stuck with an ailing company that has not paid salaries in months are currently battling with severe depression. Many of them have lost their economic power in the home, leaving the wife to take up the responsibilities they were handling. What eventually happens is that many of such men men who have either lost their jobs or searching for a better paying job become vulnerable to depression and, in some cases if they do not get the right support, suicide might be considered an option! Here are a few ways a woman can help her man overcome depression.

TALK TO HIM: This is very important, as simple as it may sound.You must talk to your man and let him know you feel his pain and that you are not going to leave him to go through this phase alone.Lift up his spirit, advice him, strengthen him, and he will appreciate you surely.

MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE: You must endeavour to be around him most of the times. He must not be left alone for too long. If you're going to go away from the house and there's no one else to stay by with him, call a neighbour to help keep an eye on him or call a member of the family who stays no too far away to come over while you're away.

ENCOURAGE HIM TO SPEAK: Most depressed people don't

Wednesday, 11 July 2018


One of the biggest tragedies that can befall any man is to find out that the woman you call your wife has been having an affair. In all honesty, most men don't think anything of it when they cheat on their wives, as far as they're concerned, it's a man's world. So long as they have not chosen to marry that other woman as a second wife, then wifey shouldn't grumble about nothing. But when the situation is reversed and they find out their adorable wife has been rolling in the hay with another woman, then all hell is let lose! Now, why would a woman want to cheat on her man? Statistics have shown that only a small percentage of women actually cheat on their husbands, the number of cheating husbands is far greater. Yet, there still are a small chunk of women who cheat. What could be the reason(s)? Here are some factors we think could make your woman, whether you're married or not, cheat on you and defile your marriage or relationship.

*You treat her badly. If you're the type that treats your woman like she's a piece of trash and demean her at every given opportunity, making her break down emotionally, then you're certainly pushing her into the arms of another man outside.This is a situation that, if it persists for long, then your marriage or relationship is heading for the rocks.

*You abusive physically. In these days when the world is standing up against men who physically abuse their women, you can be sure you're only going to leave your woman no other choice but to seek comfort and affection elsewhere.

*You don't love her anymore and you can't hide it. At first, the woman might think

Saturday, 30 June 2018


There are several reasons why a guy could be ignoring a woman. It could be that he's doing it deliberately, to get you to desire him more, or it could be that he simply doesn't fancy you as much as you think he does. Truth is, often times, when a guy likes a woman and considers her special, he's vocal about his intentions. And he pursues it to a logical end. But if, somewhere along the way, he switches off and loses interest in you, many things could be responsible. We are going to give ten reasons why we thing a guy you like is ignoring you.

*He's lost interest. This could be the bitter truth. Perhaps, at first, he greatly fancied you and then, along the line, he found some other lady much more exciting than you.Or it could be that he simply gotten bored with you.

*Perhaps you misunderstood him. Maybe he really wasn't that crazy about you but you thought he was. And most unfortunately, you assumed he was in love with you.

*He doesn't know how to tell you to your face he doesn't like you that much. Yes, he flirted with you at the start but didn't expect things would get to this point. 

*He's probably confused about his feelings for you. He's probably scared you have fallen seriously in love with him and he's not sure if that's what he wants right now and so he wants to take it easy with you and slow things down a bit. It could be he was merely looking to have some fun with you and you, from what he sees, want something a little deeper than that. 

* Your expectations of his commitment are high. You expect him to

Monday, 25 June 2018


Most people make the mistake of blaming everybody but themselves for the issues they have. Things will get really better for some couples if they stop pointing fingers and start working on themselves.

Yes, there are some women who nag a lot, and there are some men who are born cheats or just do not know how to love. But most times, you must have done something wrong for that woman to nag always. Check yourself, study your wife, find out what she hates, those things you do that make her nag. If you do not pay attention and you conclude that my wife just likes to nag, then you will never find a solution to that nagging. If she hates it when you go out and drink till it's very late, why not stop it or reduce the rate at which you do it. If she doesn't like you following every hot girl on social media, liking pics of their breasts and ass, why do not you stop it for peace to reign? You continuously do the things she doesn't like, because you do not pay much attention to know that she doesn't like those things, but then you expect her to stop nagging. Instead of going out to complain to people that your wife nags too much, simply stop doing what makes her nag. But if what you are doing is something you do not see as being wrong, then explain to her why she has nothing to worry or work herself up about.

Also, that cheating husband, have you sat and thought about it, maybe it's because you are starving him of sex, you are no longer romantic like you were when he was dating you, you've let yourself go. Spice up your marriage to reduce the tendencies of cheating. But there are also some men that cheat no matter what, they cheat on women that do their best to be good wives to them, how can you expect a perfect wife when you are not a perfect husband? There's no way a woman that suspects you of cheating will