Thursday, 24 May 2018

I am Tired of Cheaters and Liars; How Can I Start to Make Right Choices?

First, it is important to note that this is not a strange problem in the world of today. It is a common challenge among ladies; especially young and naïve ones. However, it can be avoided to a very great extent if you become more careful and do the needful. You may need a change of orientation to be able to have this problem solved.

I will advise that you start choosing men using your head and sense of reasoning and not just your heart. Don’t let love and emotions cloud your thoughts and judgment when deciding on a choice of man. If you use your sense of reasoning, it will be easier to spot the wrong man immediately, no matter how hard he tries to pretend. Sometimes, women fall in love with a liar, from the very start, even when they notice tendencies of he not been truthful, they even see signs that he might be cheating. But because they are madly in love or desperate or have gotten attracted to one thing or the other they have found in the man. They overlook all the other negative signs and keep forgiving him and accepting his flimsy excuses. 

Do not

Thursday, 17 May 2018


If you missed my last post, then I suggest you check it out here. It's something a lot of women out there can relate to.We talked about the various issues women who are full time house wives against their wish have to contend with, sometimes without their husband having any idea what the wife is going through. The various issues mentioned are low self esteem, depression, financial dependence, boredom etc. All of these happen to the woman when she can no longer cope with just sitting at home, tidying up the house, taking care of the kids, preparing fabulous meals for her man and also,ensuring she keeps him warm through the night. While some women can be contented with this sort of routine, some are unable to live with it. It's like a mental torture that's tearing them apart, but it's difficult to simply put a stop to it now. It has to be done with caution otherwise it could degenerate into something pretty messy. So, how best can a woman deal with these issues? Here are a few tip that we think can be of help.

IRON THINGS OUT WITH YOUR MAN: This is the first step. Yes, I know, you have discussed the issue with him before and he didn't do anything about it, right? Okay, fine. But the truth is you have to continue talking to him. Don't get tired of sitting him down to let him know how much you're hurting inside, speak with him, let him know you're fed up just sitting at home and wasting away when you have the potentials to do something greater with your time.

GET BUSY: You must look for some means to engage yourself. As a full time house wife, you certainly must have a little spare time on your hands every now and then. Engage yourself. Get involved in church activities. And if that won't excite you, find women groups within your community that you can join and keep yourself busy with. You could, for instance, get involved in little NGO activities in your area. When you do not have too much time to sit at home brooding while the kids are in school, depression surely will keep away from you. Go spend time chatting with friends and see how you guys can up with ideas of projects that can get you engaged.

START A SMALL SCALE BUSINESS: This is a must. You must find a

Friday, 11 May 2018


It is not a new situation in marriages, it has been with us for a while now. Time and time again, so many women have had to come to terms with the fact they are married to men who prefer to have them locked up inside the home, doing nothing but cleaning, cooking and taking care of the kids 24 hours, everyday of the week. Even when the family can afford to pay for the services of a house help, they still have to stay in the house to coordinate things. They call them full time housewives. They are usually educated, enterprising, industrious and submissive women who love their husband and kids and would sacrifice their own happiness for the over all good of the family. Sometimes, this arrangement works out well. The wifey copes well and adapts suitably to the situation, making no whimper of a complaint. She carries on her duties as a full time housewife with utmost pride, dignity and joy. But it is not so in most cases. Much against the woman's will, hubby insists she must stay back at home to keep his home tidy, care for his children, put quality meals on the table for him and most importantly, keep him warm and happy at night. She despises the idea. She is seething with rage inside inside. She is hurt because she knows her capabilities. She knows how great she'll be as a business woman or career woman. She knows she's far better than being a full time housewife. She argues, she complains, but hubby's decision is final. What else can she do? She can't make a hue and cry of the situation. This is Africa, you are supposed to respect and be submissive to your husband. And left with no choice, she has to let it be..but only God knows how much she's hurting inside. For men who insist their wives must not work because they have enough money to take care of them, below are a few of the emotional pains the woman goes through as she struggles to cope with her full time housewife role.

LOSS OF ESTEEM: When you insist your woman must stay at home full time to fulfill her duties as your wife, much against her will, she expectedly becomes disenchanted. She becomes even more unhappy when she runs into her former school mates or colleagues who are doing so well for themselves. She listens with envy as they reel out their accomplishments to her. She has nothing to reel out. Only a beautiful, well kept home and family. Then she starts to feel inferior and loses her self esteem anytime she's with her more accomplished friends.

FINANCIAL DEPENDENCE: No woman, if she has her way, likes to be totally dependent on her husband for everything she needs. And this is exactly what happens when she's not doing business or gainfully employed as a wife. Hubby gives her money for house upkeep and a bit of pocket money, but how long can this really take her? As a woman, there are things she would desire to buy but cannot ask her husband for the money because he might not entirely approve of her buying it, especially if the item comes a little expensive. And this would hurt her. She'll reckon that if she were working, or running her own business she would not need his approval. It can be so bad sometimes that a full time housewife may need to hold on till hubby returns from the office before she can get money to buy her sanitary pads! That's nothing no man should be proud of.

SOCIAL LIFE COLLAPSES: This is to be expected. When you keep the woman full time in your house, you

Sunday, 6 May 2018


Women are very sensitive creatures. Little things a man may consider inconsequential could be a big deal to them, especially when it comes to relationships. Its okay if, as a man, you barely remember some important dates in your life, but when it involves your woman, and you forget, my brother, you're on your own. Most women do not take it lightly when men forget their important dates. As far as they're concerned, "If I'm truly important to him, he wouldn't have forgotten!" And you know what they say about the fury of a woman, it can be better imagined than experienced. But really, seriously, one of the easiest ways to  make a woman love you and consider you very special for life is when she knows you never forget her special days. Here are five romantic dates important to your wife you must never forget.

1.HER BIRTHDAY: On no account should you forget your woman's birthday. This is simply a no, no! Every woman looks forward to this day knowing her man would most likely be the first to wish her happy birthday with romantic messages and words that would reassure her of your love for her. And of course, she expects the gifts to come too. So, how do you think she'd feel if it turns out you don't even remember? Knowing women, she'll start wondering if you still care at all. 

2. YOUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: This one is simply a no- go area. Don't even think about it. Forget your wedding anniversary and you incur the wrath of your woman. Most women do not find it amusing when their husbands forget their wedding anniversary, they see it as a special bond that ties them together with their beloved husband. So, if you do not want to see a mini-Third World War in your home, never forget your wedding anniversary. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

7 Simple Ways You Can Be a Better Husband

When you have a happy home, and a happy wife, you are certainly guaranteed of a happy life. This is a cardinal Law. But unfortunately, most men do not realise this. And the few who do realize it do not pay good enough attention to it. They not only hurt their wives consistently, they maltreat them sometimes, causing their partners unimaginable heartbreak. Deep down inside you, you know pretty well this is wrong and you cannot continue to bring the woman you love such unending misery. Below are seven ways you can improve on your relationship with your wife and be a better husband.

1. KISS HER EVERY MORNING: This is quite simple, right? But it is very effective. When you kiss her in the morning and perhaps in the night too before she goes to bed, it will mean a lot to her. And more than anything else, it will melt away all the anger inside you that you had been bottling up against him.

2. BE PROTECTIVE: One of the ways a man can easily win over the heart of a woman anytime, any day, is when she finds out that you're very protective of her. For instance, let your wife see that you shield her from members of your family who simply do not want to respect her as your wife for no just cause.Don't say this is Africa and so your mother or big Aunty can scold your wife whether rightly or wrongly, no. She is your wife, no matter the issues you have privately, you must fight for her and protect her. This will make her love and respect you more.