Thursday, 26 April 2018


"For better or for best", that is the new wedding slogan for newly married couples. Its all good, no one prays for the 'worst', we are only saying you've gotto be very well prepared for it when and if it does rear its ugly head. Truth be told, marriage can be sweet and bitter, beautiful and ugly, but trust me, if you do well enough to get your foundation right, settle for a partner that adores you and respects you, and most importantly a partner with the fear of God, then you certainly will experience far more of marriage's sweetness and bliss than most couples would ever experience. On Teekay's blog, our hope and expectation for you is to experience unending joy and happiness in your marriage. This is why we are serving you these 12 celebrity marriages that we think will inspire you, especially if you're presently dealing with marital issues that appear to be getting the better of you. 

For those who believe Nollywood marriages don't go the distance, please think again! This couple, who arguably boasts of one of nollywood's most enduring marriages, have been married for over two decades. Despite the challenges of both of them being involved in movies (Ngozi was formerly an actress) they have survived all the odds and still waxing strong. 
An amazing couple. Everyone just seems to love them. When you get the chance to meet this two together, you'll be blown away by the simple fact that they make it all look so easy. Soni Irabor is a veteran broadcaster and the CEO of Inspiration FM while Betty is an author and the publisher of Genevieve magazine. Through thick and thin, Betty and Soni have stuck together for over two decades. 

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


The issue of trust has always been a recurring decimal in every relationship. At one point or the other in your relationship or marriage, there will be question marks regarding the trust you have in your man. Men are often guilty of misplacing the trust their women have for them. Women, of course are not totally clean of distrust issues, but men are most culpable. Below are seven clear signs that should tell you whether you can trust your man with your heart or not.

1. UNCLEAR EXPLANATIONS: If he suddenly starts coming home late from work almost everyday and he can't give very clear and reasonable answer why this is so, then you need to start watching him closely. Once he starts fumbling with words after failing to come take you out for dinner as promised and its not his third or fourth time, you can't continue to trust him.

2. HE IS NEVER THERE WHEN YOU NEED HIM: Once you find that each time you need him to be there for you whenever you're going through some difficult moments and he's too busy to care about your situation, and you realized he's done this many times before, then he is no longer deserving of your trust.

3. SECRETIVE WITH PHONE CALLS: If your guy has suddenly made it a habit to always

Thursday, 12 April 2018


Long distance relationships can be extremely difficult to keep alive. In fact, sometimes, they can be extremely frustrating. Whether the couples are married or not, the strain and pain are more or less the same. Unfortunately, not many long distance relationships have ended well. Going by human nature, the longer people stay apart, the more difficult it becomes to keep the flames of their love burning. Here are 7 tips that can help you keep that long distance relationship going strong.

1. COMMUNICATE ALL THE TIME: Talk about everything that's on your mind. With long distance relationships, feelings of insecurities are bigger because you can't see or monitor each other. So you need to communicate often and get to discuss problems weighing on your mind.

2. DO VIDEO CHATS: This certainly will help. You can both agree on a day or time that you can do video chats.This is a lot stronger than just calling or texting. It allows room for face to face interaction. This makes it feel as though you guys not really far away from each other.

3. GET YOUR SEXTING ON: You can also spice up communication level by doing a lot of

Monday, 9 April 2018


This is one moment every woman dreads to face. There is nothing more absolutely torturing as waiting to have your own kids years after you got ,married. It is one hellish experience that no one would wish even on their worst enemy. If there is one monster that has the capacity to tear any marriage to shreds in a matter of minutes, it is delay in conception. Some women have been lucky to have survived the harrowing experience, while some others have not. Here are five tips that we think can help you cope well and deal with the trauma that comes with waiting on the Lord for your own children.

1. STAY CLOSE TO YOUR SUPPORT GROUP: When dealing with a situation like this, you must keep close to your support group which should definitely include your husband, your mum, sisters, and hopefully, your mother-in-law. It could also include your pastor and few prayer mates.These are the people whose shoulder you're sure will always be there for you to lean on. Whenever you're feeling low in spirit and depression is starting to overwhelm you, reach anyone that is available and lean on them. It always helps.

2. MAKE YOUR HUSBAND YOUR BEST FRIEND: Your husband, at this ;point, automatically becomes the

Thursday, 5 April 2018

For Wives; Here are 10 Kind of Women Men Dislike in Bed (Part 1)

It’s always vital not to leave a bad impression when you jump in the sack with your guy. Try cutting out the following, and he’ll be your friend for life.

For most people, sex is life and life is sex. The search for sexual pleasure cannot be compromised for anything. There is a general fixation on sex and anything related to it. What it is and how it is performed have kept many people-young and old- fascinated. People everywhere are constantly trying to better their performance in bed and to give their partners the best sexual pleasure they can.
But things don’t always go according to plan, because great sex seems always to elude many people to the extent that, rather than make their partners happy, they seem always to create dissatisfaction and at times, annoyance. Both parties are to blame for this state of sordid affairs, but to be specific, attention will be focused on those things that the females do that guys just positively dislike. Gone are the days when it was generally believed that guys are the only ones who can go wrong. If you’re a girl and you’re reading this, try not to commit the following sins…

During sex, some women have this annoying habit of just lying down like a log of wood. Sure, women are takers and men are givers, but doing nothing and just taking seems a bit selfish, men don’t like this. Despite the fact that the man is on top, the woman should move and flow with the rhythm. By moving, you show your man that you love to have sex with him as much as he loves to have it with you. This not only makes him happy, but it encourages him in more ways than one. If your man is the type who cares about giving you pleasure and you lie there looking like you’re dead, then it might just affect his sexual performance, because no one loves to make love to a ‘dead’ woman.

Men hate it when women don’t