Thursday, 14 June 2018


One of the biggest dillemas women have often been confronted with is deciding who to choose from between a rich, cute looking guy they're crazy about and a not so rich but also good looking guy they're also crazy about. For different reasons you love these two guys but you're scared to make your pick for a husband. You don't want to make the wrong choice and then end up having to endure a miserable marriage for the rest of your days. And people are saying to you, 'what are you confused about? Dump the broke ass and drag Mr. Rich and handsome to the altar fast before another smart girl beats you to it.' But should money always be the major parameter in deciding who a woman should choose as her husband to be? Can money supersede love? Here are five possible issues you may have to contend with when you choose a man with loaded pockets over an average guy with tons of prospects who loves you like crazy!

OVER BLOATED EGO: Ask most ladies who have been in relationships with rich, good looking guys in the past and they'll tell you many of these guys have over bloated egos. In other words, most of these dudes think too highly of themselves. To put it bluntly, they often act like they're doing you a great deal of favour dating you because they have hordes of babes dying to replace you and be in their arms. This is why they always carry on like, 'if you mess up, I'll get another babe to replace you even before you walk through the door.' 

ALWAYS FIGHTING COMPETITION: This is a fact and you know it, with a rich and handsome guy, there is no rest for you. You will always be warding off and fighting other women in a bid to keep them away from your man for as long as you both remain together. Its a cross every woman married or involved with a rich and handsome guy has to carry. Every woman wants your man because they are attracted by the same qualities that attracted you to him.

SHOWS NO RESPECT: This is a fact too. Most men who are rich and cute very rarely

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


It  is happening almost everyday now. You open pages of the newspaper or you go through the news contents on your phone and the news is always the same - couples are killing each other by the minute. If a woman is not ripping her husband apart with a knife, it is a man butchering his once beloved wife, the mother of his children. How did get here? How did we become a society filled with savage couples who only know how to settle their differences with the knife? What is happening to us? How do we put an end to these demonic trend? Well, to begin with, we are not going to pretend to have the solutions to stopping this menace, but we want to say emphatically, violent partners are the most dangerous people to live with, and when things begin to get really heated in the relationship or marriage, to the point that the life of a partner is being threatened, then its time to begin to review that relationship or marriage. And our position on this issue is very clear - don't go on managing that kind of marriage, it is time to pull out of it! Here are five steps to take when confronted with a violent situation in your marriage.

DON'T DISMISS THE EARLY WARNINGS: A lot of people make this mistake. When your partner suddenly gets into a rage when you both argue, and then from occasional slaps, he graduates to turning you into his punching bag, beating you black and blue, then you must begin to realize there is danger. People don't just become violent over night, they always give out the little signals. A man that beats you to a pulp at the slightest provocation is only a knife away from stabbing you to death. Same applies to a woman who slaps her man at will and smashes things in the house in the heat of anger, she is not the sort of woman you turn your back on and go to sleep after a very intense provocation. She could be sticking a knife down your throat the very minute. Don't get emotional with situations like this, start considering a total review of your marriage.

AVOID GETTING INTO FIGHTS AND QUARRELS WITH A VIOLENT PARTNER: The moment you realize that your partner is the violent type who hits at you pretty quickly in the face of anger without giving it a thought, learn to restrain yourself from lashing out at him/her in return. Do not get confrontational with him/her. It never works. If anything, it only makes things worse. While your partner is all angered up and boiling inside, you play the mature part by taking things easy and not say equally hurtful or provocative things in return. This may lead him or her to get violent and things could get really messy from here. Getting confrontational is not the solution, the solution might just be staying away from that partner for good, if you don't want to end up a dead victim of domestic violence.


Saturday, 2 June 2018


Let us face it, every woman wants a man who can take her to ecstasy and back. Whether we admit it or not, especially in this part of the world (Africa) where sex is still regarded as sacred, sex plays a very pivotal role in marriage. A very healthy sex life between couples almost always guarantees a happy relationship or marriage. Sadly, not every woman is enjoying a healthy sex life. We are not talking about the category of women who are being starved of it, no, that's a story for another day. We are talking about the women whose husbands are not getting it right in bed, particularly those men who can't seem to last long. Below are a few tips that might help you get your man to last longer in bed and give you something close to what you'll call a super performance!

1. NICE AND SLOW: Tell your man to take it nice and slow while he's inside you. He shouldn't let the excitement get the better of him. While he's thrusting, he should rather go slowly, like one thrust in every three seconds. When he feels like getting close to orgasm, he can stop, hold his thrust, and then continue. 

2. EXTEND THE FOREPLAY: This one works like wonders. If your man is the type that loves to climb his woman and penetrate the moment he gets an erection, then you need to teach him how to foreplay. And for a reasonable length of time too. Don't let him mount you, ready for penetration once he's aroused, you guys need to play with each other first, touching each other in all of those places that drive you crazy. During a prolonged foreplay, he could ejaculate some of the semen that could've driven him to full orgasm during actual penetration. This could guarantee that he would delay in ejaculation during the main event.

3. AVOID ALCOHOL PRIOR TO SEX: A lot of men do not

Thursday, 24 May 2018

I am Tired of Cheaters and Liars; How Can I Start to Make Right Choices?

First, it is important to note that this is not a strange problem in the world of today. It is a common challenge among ladies; especially young and naïve ones. However, it can be avoided to a very great extent if you become more careful and do the needful. You may need a change of orientation to be able to have this problem solved.

I will advise that you start choosing men using your head and sense of reasoning and not just your heart. Don’t let love and emotions cloud your thoughts and judgment when deciding on a choice of man. If you use your sense of reasoning, it will be easier to spot the wrong man immediately, no matter how hard he tries to pretend. Sometimes, women fall in love with a liar, from the very start, even when they notice tendencies of he not been truthful, they even see signs that he might be cheating. But because they are madly in love or desperate or have gotten attracted to one thing or the other they have found in the man. They overlook all the other negative signs and keep forgiving him and accepting his flimsy excuses. 

Do not

Thursday, 17 May 2018


If you missed my last post, then I suggest you check it out here. It's something a lot of women out there can relate to.We talked about the various issues women who are full time house wives against their wish have to contend with, sometimes without their husband having any idea what the wife is going through. The various issues mentioned are low self esteem, depression, financial dependence, boredom etc. All of these happen to the woman when she can no longer cope with just sitting at home, tidying up the house, taking care of the kids, preparing fabulous meals for her man and also,ensuring she keeps him warm through the night. While some women can be contented with this sort of routine, some are unable to live with it. It's like a mental torture that's tearing them apart, but it's difficult to simply put a stop to it now. It has to be done with caution otherwise it could degenerate into something pretty messy. So, how best can a woman deal with these issues? Here are a few tip that we think can be of help.

IRON THINGS OUT WITH YOUR MAN: This is the first step. Yes, I know, you have discussed the issue with him before and he didn't do anything about it, right? Okay, fine. But the truth is you have to continue talking to him. Don't get tired of sitting him down to let him know how much you're hurting inside, speak with him, let him know you're fed up just sitting at home and wasting away when you have the potentials to do something greater with your time.

GET BUSY: You must look for some means to engage yourself. As a full time house wife, you certainly must have a little spare time on your hands every now and then. Engage yourself. Get involved in church activities. And if that won't excite you, find women groups within your community that you can join and keep yourself busy with. You could, for instance, get involved in little NGO activities in your area. When you do not have too much time to sit at home brooding while the kids are in school, depression surely will keep away from you. Go spend time chatting with friends and see how you guys can up with ideas of projects that can get you engaged.

START A SMALL SCALE BUSINESS: This is a must. You must find a

Friday, 11 May 2018


It is not a new situation in marriages, it has been with us for a while now. Time and time again, so many women have had to come to terms with the fact they are married to men who prefer to have them locked up inside the home, doing nothing but cleaning, cooking and taking care of the kids 24 hours, everyday of the week. Even when the family can afford to pay for the services of a house help, they still have to stay in the house to coordinate things. They call them full time housewives. They are usually educated, enterprising, industrious and submissive women who love their husband and kids and would sacrifice their own happiness for the over all good of the family. Sometimes, this arrangement works out well. The wifey copes well and adapts suitably to the situation, making no whimper of a complaint. She carries on her duties as a full time housewife with utmost pride, dignity and joy. But it is not so in most cases. Much against the woman's will, hubby insists she must stay back at home to keep his home tidy, care for his children, put quality meals on the table for him and most importantly, keep him warm and happy at night. She despises the idea. She is seething with rage inside inside. She is hurt because she knows her capabilities. She knows how great she'll be as a business woman or career woman. She knows she's far better than being a full time housewife. She argues, she complains, but hubby's decision is final. What else can she do? She can't make a hue and cry of the situation. This is Africa, you are supposed to respect and be submissive to your husband. And left with no choice, she has to let it be..but only God knows how much she's hurting inside. For men who insist their wives must not work because they have enough money to take care of them, below are a few of the emotional pains the woman goes through as she struggles to cope with her full time housewife role.

LOSS OF ESTEEM: When you insist your woman must stay at home full time to fulfill her duties as your wife, much against her will, she expectedly becomes disenchanted. She becomes even more unhappy when she runs into her former school mates or colleagues who are doing so well for themselves. She listens with envy as they reel out their accomplishments to her. She has nothing to reel out. Only a beautiful, well kept home and family. Then she starts to feel inferior and loses her self esteem anytime she's with her more accomplished friends.

FINANCIAL DEPENDENCE: No woman, if she has her way, likes to be totally dependent on her husband for everything she needs. And this is exactly what happens when she's not doing business or gainfully employed as a wife. Hubby gives her money for house upkeep and a bit of pocket money, but how long can this really take her? As a woman, there are things she would desire to buy but cannot ask her husband for the money because he might not entirely approve of her buying it, especially if the item comes a little expensive. And this would hurt her. She'll reckon that if she were working, or running her own business she would not need his approval. It can be so bad sometimes that a full time housewife may need to hold on till hubby returns from the office before she can get money to buy her sanitary pads! That's nothing no man should be proud of.

SOCIAL LIFE COLLAPSES: This is to be expected. When you keep the woman full time in your house, you

Sunday, 6 May 2018


Women are very sensitive creatures. Little things a man may consider inconsequential could be a big deal to them, especially when it comes to relationships. Its okay if, as a man, you barely remember some important dates in your life, but when it involves your woman, and you forget, my brother, you're on your own. Most women do not take it lightly when men forget their important dates. As far as they're concerned, "If I'm truly important to him, he wouldn't have forgotten!" And you know what they say about the fury of a woman, it can be better imagined than experienced. But really, seriously, one of the easiest ways to  make a woman love you and consider you very special for life is when she knows you never forget her special days. Here are five romantic dates important to your wife you must never forget.

1.HER BIRTHDAY: On no account should you forget your woman's birthday. This is simply a no, no! Every woman looks forward to this day knowing her man would most likely be the first to wish her happy birthday with romantic messages and words that would reassure her of your love for her. And of course, she expects the gifts to come too. So, how do you think she'd feel if it turns out you don't even remember? Knowing women, she'll start wondering if you still care at all. 

2. YOUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: This one is simply a no- go area. Don't even think about it. Forget your wedding anniversary and you incur the wrath of your woman. Most women do not find it amusing when their husbands forget their wedding anniversary, they see it as a special bond that ties them together with their beloved husband. So, if you do not want to see a mini-Third World War in your home, never forget your wedding anniversary. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

7 Simple Ways You Can Be a Better Husband

When you have a happy home, and a happy wife, you are certainly guaranteed of a happy life. This is a cardinal Law. But unfortunately, most men do not realise this. And the few who do realize it do not pay good enough attention to it. They not only hurt their wives consistently, they maltreat them sometimes, causing their partners unimaginable heartbreak. Deep down inside you, you know pretty well this is wrong and you cannot continue to bring the woman you love such unending misery. Below are seven ways you can improve on your relationship with your wife and be a better husband.

1. KISS HER EVERY MORNING: This is quite simple, right? But it is very effective. When you kiss her in the morning and perhaps in the night too before she goes to bed, it will mean a lot to her. And more than anything else, it will melt away all the anger inside you that you had been bottling up against him.

2. BE PROTECTIVE: One of the ways a man can easily win over the heart of a woman anytime, any day, is when she finds out that you're very protective of her. For instance, let your wife see that you shield her from members of your family who simply do not want to respect her as your wife for no just cause.Don't say this is Africa and so your mother or big Aunty can scold your wife whether rightly or wrongly, no. She is your wife, no matter the issues you have privately, you must fight for her and protect her. This will make her love and respect you more.

Thursday, 26 April 2018


"For better or for best", that is the new wedding slogan for newly married couples. Its all good, no one prays for the 'worst', we are only saying you've gotto be very well prepared for it when and if it does rear its ugly head. Truth be told, marriage can be sweet and bitter, beautiful and ugly, but trust me, if you do well enough to get your foundation right, settle for a partner that adores you and respects you, and most importantly a partner with the fear of God, then you certainly will experience far more of marriage's sweetness and bliss than most couples would ever experience. On Teekay's blog, our hope and expectation for you is to experience unending joy and happiness in your marriage. This is why we are serving you these 12 celebrity marriages that we think will inspire you, especially if you're presently dealing with marital issues that appear to be getting the better of you. 

For those who believe Nollywood marriages don't go the distance, please think again! This couple, who arguably boasts of one of nollywood's most enduring marriages, have been married for over two decades. Despite the challenges of both of them being involved in movies (Ngozi was formerly an actress) they have survived all the odds and still waxing strong. 
An amazing couple. Everyone just seems to love them. When you get the chance to meet this two together, you'll be blown away by the simple fact that they make it all look so easy. Soni Irabor is a veteran broadcaster and the CEO of Inspiration FM while Betty is an author and the publisher of Genevieve magazine. Through thick and thin, Betty and Soni have stuck together for over two decades. 

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


The issue of trust has always been a recurring decimal in every relationship. At one point or the other in your relationship or marriage, there will be question marks regarding the trust you have in your man. Men are often guilty of misplacing the trust their women have for them. Women, of course are not totally clean of distrust issues, but men are most culpable. Below are seven clear signs that should tell you whether you can trust your man with your heart or not.

1. UNCLEAR EXPLANATIONS: If he suddenly starts coming home late from work almost everyday and he can't give very clear and reasonable answer why this is so, then you need to start watching him closely. Once he starts fumbling with words after failing to come take you out for dinner as promised and its not his third or fourth time, you can't continue to trust him.

2. HE IS NEVER THERE WHEN YOU NEED HIM: Once you find that each time you need him to be there for you whenever you're going through some difficult moments and he's too busy to care about your situation, and you realized he's done this many times before, then he is no longer deserving of your trust.

3. SECRETIVE WITH PHONE CALLS: If your guy has suddenly made it a habit to always

Thursday, 12 April 2018


Long distance relationships can be extremely difficult to keep alive. In fact, sometimes, they can be extremely frustrating. Whether the couples are married or not, the strain and pain are more or less the same. Unfortunately, not many long distance relationships have ended well. Going by human nature, the longer people stay apart, the more difficult it becomes to keep the flames of their love burning. Here are 7 tips that can help you keep that long distance relationship going strong.

1. COMMUNICATE ALL THE TIME: Talk about everything that's on your mind. With long distance relationships, feelings of insecurities are bigger because you can't see or monitor each other. So you need to communicate often and get to discuss problems weighing on your mind.

2. DO VIDEO CHATS: This certainly will help. You can both agree on a day or time that you can do video chats.This is a lot stronger than just calling or texting. It allows room for face to face interaction. This makes it feel as though you guys not really far away from each other.

3. GET YOUR SEXTING ON: You can also spice up communication level by doing a lot of

Monday, 9 April 2018


This is one moment every woman dreads to face. There is nothing more absolutely torturing as waiting to have your own kids years after you got ,married. It is one hellish experience that no one would wish even on their worst enemy. If there is one monster that has the capacity to tear any marriage to shreds in a matter of minutes, it is delay in conception. Some women have been lucky to have survived the harrowing experience, while some others have not. Here are five tips that we think can help you cope well and deal with the trauma that comes with waiting on the Lord for your own children.

1. STAY CLOSE TO YOUR SUPPORT GROUP: When dealing with a situation like this, you must keep close to your support group which should definitely include your husband, your mum, sisters, and hopefully, your mother-in-law. It could also include your pastor and few prayer mates.These are the people whose shoulder you're sure will always be there for you to lean on. Whenever you're feeling low in spirit and depression is starting to overwhelm you, reach anyone that is available and lean on them. It always helps.

2. MAKE YOUR HUSBAND YOUR BEST FRIEND: Your husband, at this ;point, automatically becomes the

Thursday, 5 April 2018

For Wives; Here are 10 Kind of Women Men Dislike in Bed (Part 1)

It’s always vital not to leave a bad impression when you jump in the sack with your guy. Try cutting out the following, and he’ll be your friend for life.

For most people, sex is life and life is sex. The search for sexual pleasure cannot be compromised for anything. There is a general fixation on sex and anything related to it. What it is and how it is performed have kept many people-young and old- fascinated. People everywhere are constantly trying to better their performance in bed and to give their partners the best sexual pleasure they can.
But things don’t always go according to plan, because great sex seems always to elude many people to the extent that, rather than make their partners happy, they seem always to create dissatisfaction and at times, annoyance. Both parties are to blame for this state of sordid affairs, but to be specific, attention will be focused on those things that the females do that guys just positively dislike. Gone are the days when it was generally believed that guys are the only ones who can go wrong. If you’re a girl and you’re reading this, try not to commit the following sins…

During sex, some women have this annoying habit of just lying down like a log of wood. Sure, women are takers and men are givers, but doing nothing and just taking seems a bit selfish, men don’t like this. Despite the fact that the man is on top, the woman should move and flow with the rhythm. By moving, you show your man that you love to have sex with him as much as he loves to have it with you. This not only makes him happy, but it encourages him in more ways than one. If your man is the type who cares about giving you pleasure and you lie there looking like you’re dead, then it might just affect his sexual performance, because no one loves to make love to a ‘dead’ woman.

Men hate it when women don’t

Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Love, they say, makes the world go round. That is true. But, may we add that sex too makes your love go round. Think about it, what do you think could happen to your relationship, especially marriage, if sex is missing in it? How on earth do you think your marriage can survive if your sex life has literally become non-existent? Without a doubt, such marriage is merely sitting on a keg of gun powder, just like PMB's relationship with Nigerians, if care is not taken, in just a matter of time, everything will go up in smoke. But lets leave Buhari for now. Lets talk about something really important. Sex is key to every marriage. You can't trivialize it. You can't ignore it. Like we said in an earlier post, it is one of the fastest and strongest ways for couples to bond together. Dismiss sex and, trust us, you'll be doing so at your own peril...Here are few things you might have to contend with if sex is missing in your marriage.

1. YOU BARELY TALK: This is usually one of the most natural thing that will happen when, as a couple, you don't make love to each other. Your communication level grows thinner by the day. Because there's no affection going on between both of you, you can't gist together, you can't crack jokes, you can't even play with each other. And this sort of situation can only spell doom for your marriage.

2. YOU SILENTLY DESPISE EACH OTHER: This is quite an unfortunate development that you will have on your hands if sex is lacking in your marriage. You both would soon begin to despise the other. This is because, as long as you both stay away from each other sexually, you both will be imagining that your partner definitely is having his or her own sexual fill elsewhere, with somebody else, since you both haven't touched each other in a long while. And you're almost certain your partner is getting it from somebody else! Well, this may not be true, for now atleast, but it may soon be if you continue to punish each other sexually. When things get this bad between couples, then its time one or both of them come back to their senses before something terrible happens. 

3. YOU GROW APART: Naturally, if you're not bonding sexually, and you only talk to each other when its extremely important to do so, then certainly, you both would start to grow apart. You will no longer be interested in each other's lives. You don't want to know what your partner's doing in his or her career, you simply can't be bothered! That is not a good sign. But it is sure to happen when you're no longer setting the bedroom on fire. 

4. WAITING FOR EACH OTHER'S MISTAKES: All you're looking for is to get at one another. Criticize one another. Yell at one another. Because you're not bonding together anymore and you rarely play with each other, then you start looking for every small opportunity to vent your anger and frustration on each other. In a situation like this, its only when you guys decide to call for a cease fire and make up with great sex that this problem can disappear otherwise, it will just remain a permanent feature in your marriage.

5. TENSION IN THE HOME: There will constantly be tension. Lack of sex brings coldness. Both of you may want the other badly, but your ego is too big to let you say, 'darling, pls lets stop this nonsense, I want you badly.' You can't say these few simple words, so the tension continues. But you're not happy inside and you know it. Do you want things to continue this way? This choice is yours. 

6. YOUR LOVE BEGINS TO WANE: You know what they say about love and hate, that only a thing line separates them. Now, things may not have gone so terribly bad that you now hate your partner, but the truth is, you're starting to love him/her less by the day. You know its not a good thing, but you can't help it. Because you haven't been in each other's arms for a while now, you feel unloved, you feel lonely. Now, here's the bad news, you could really start to hate your partner if you let things continue this way. So, put your ego aside and do the right thing --go meet your partner in the bedroom, lock the door behind you, take of your clothes and simply say,"I can't take this anymore, sweetheart, I'm dying inside and I need now more than I ever needed you." Trust us, give this a try and the rainbow will come shining in your marriage again. Best of luck!

Monday, 26 March 2018

10 Things Couples MUST DO Always To Stay Happily Married

Some couples seem to have that extra something that makes their marriage work a great deal. But exactly what are those secrets of happily married couples? What do they do that others don't? How have they been able to weather marital storms? Take a close look at these ten things listed below, are they a part of your marriage? Are they prominent in your marriage bible? 

1. GO TO BED TOGETHER: Going to bed at the same time almost all of the time shows that you want to experience the closeness that can only be found in bed. My friend says she found that some of their best conversations occur with her head on her husband's shoulder lying in bed. While simply lying down together in bed, they have taken some of the most important decisions in their marriage

2. HAVE SHARED INTERESTS: Sharing your interest and ideas with your life partner is one of the constant activities of happy couples. Stay together and find things that you both enjoy doing. Take out time from your busy schedules and indulge in those things that you both enjoy doing together..Could be going to the cinemas, picnics, playing indoor games, it could even be worshipping and praising God together.

3. HOLD HANDS: Holding hands says one thing clearly, that you're still

Friday, 23 March 2018


It is not just enough to climb your wife in the middle of the night, thrust in and out of her a few times and call that love making, it has to be better than that. Lets face it, there are lots of marital issues we encounter as couples that we may not have encountered if we had bonded better as a couple. Bonding between couples takes out a lot of friction, it makes the marriage a lot more fun and sustains the marriage for as long as you desire to keep it. And one of the best ways to achieve this is through a satisfying love making session with your partner. When a woman is thoroughly satisfied with her man in bed, she stays happy and grows closer emotionally with her man, and that's how the bonding between them gets stronger. But to start with, how can you satisfy your wife sexually to create a stronger bond between both of you? Here are a few tips that can help... 

1. GO DOWN ON HER: If all else fails, this usually works. If you're having a hard time getting your woman warmed up for the act, just go down on her, with your head buried in between her thighs and spend a great deal of time there. Almost always, this would get her all fired up and ready for you.

2. TAKE TIME DURING FOREPLAY: Most men are terribly guilty of this. They just

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


It surely is not one of the easiest things to do. Moving on from finding out about your partner's infidelity can be a really big deal. Some never can move on, the experience shatters them into pieces and they watch their marriage crumble right before their very eyes. Nothing can be as painful as knowing that your lover whom you cared for the most in the world betrayed you by destroying the beautiful world both of you had built together. But the fact remains that you have got to move on, so long as you still want to keep your marriage together and alive. If you have been cheated on and you have found the strength to forgive your partner for all the heartbreak he caused you, you still need to do a few things to prevent the incident from destroying your marriage. Here are five ways we think you can prevent the messy situation from getting into you and affecting your relationship. 

1.Do an honest self appraisal of your actions: We are not saying you are to blame for what happened, but the truth is that marriage is a two person job. Could there be something you did or you didn't do that left your man with no other choice but to seek affection elsewhere? Did you often snap or yell at your man? Were you often complaining that you were to tired to fulfill your responsibilities as his woman in bed, like many Naija wives do often? Or could it be you ignored him by paying too much attention on, may be, you career, business, the children, church activities, etc?You have to sincerely ask yourself the question, where did I go wrong? That way, you can do your own part to ensure you don't let some other woman grab hold of your man again. 

2. Stop bringing up the past: This might be very difficult, but you must tell

Friday, 9 March 2018


One of the most difficult things for any woman in an unhealthy relationship/marriage to deal with is an emotionally abusive partner. It can really be devastating for any woman. In most cases, to make it even more frightening, there is usually a thin line between an emotionally abusive partner and a physically abusive one. In other words, what we're saying here is, an emotionally abusive partner, if not checked, could become both verbally and physically abusive. In truth, this is usually the foundation and beginning of most of those terrible cases that have been happening in our country lately where either the husband is beating the wife to death or the wife is ripping her man apart with a knife. Yes, women too, can be physically abusive in a relationship, particularly those with anger issues. Not a week goes by these days and you wont either in our dailies (read Punch) or on social media, how couples physically abusive each other, maiming or killing each other in the process. Here are five steps we think you can take to deal with an emotionally abusive partner, especially if the partner in question is male.

1. Being in an emotionally abusive marriage will surely have its effect on your health. The situation may drain you severely sometimes. If the conditions are still manageable and you still wish to stay in the marriage, then you must are and equip yourself mentally, spiritually and physically. Mentally, you must keep reminding yourself of your unique qualities like your beauty, your talents, your areas of strength, e.g. enterprise, buying and selling unique stuffs people love, etc. Spiritually, you must be closer to God ever than before, because he is the one who can strengthen you and change your partner for the better as well. And physically, you must engage yourself in activities that will keep your mind away from the pressure you're feeling at home. You could take up exercises and join a fitness group, or even a social group that is involved in humanitarian works, anything that will keep you preoccupied and happy at thesame time.

2. You must have a strong relationship with members of your family and close friends. At this stage, when you have tried all you can to make things better and none is working, do not keep things away from your family or a few close friends. They will give you support, both emotionally and physically. They're in fact your support system at this time. 

3. Speak to marriage counselors who may help you in either bringing in

Saturday, 24 February 2018


One of the hardest things to do for most people is to say, 'sorry,' to a friend or loved one. Not everyone is ready to immediately swallow their pride and admit they've messed things up. Even when they know deep inside their hearts that they've done wrong and hurt their partner in the process, saying sorry becomes a really big issue for them, They simply do not know how to apologize and do it genuinely.But there will always come a time when you'll be forced to assess the one out of the two that you value more - your pride or your relationship. When you make a mess of your relationship, you definitely need to make things up, and one of the ways to start is by coming up with words that genuinely convey how sorry you are. Here are five sweet and simple lines you can adopt.

1. "I was wrong, I'm sorry." This is one of the most effective of the lot. It shows clearly that not only are you sorry, but you also admit you were wrong. 

2. "I'm sorry for being so insensitive." Many of us are guilty of

Sunday, 18 February 2018


This is a warning to all women, expecially married women who prefer to leave the running of their homes in the hands of a house maid, who often times not only helps in keeping the house, but also helps madam to 'keep' her husband as well. The story you're about to read broke out in my neighborhood just days ago. Nene and her husband have been married for just a couple of years. They have two little kids, a boy and a girl. Nene works in the bank while her husband is an IT specialist and works with a private company on the Island. Just a few months, Nene decided she needed a housemaid because

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Why is it important to be in love? Here are 5 Key reasons.

Today being Valentine's day, I want to talk to you all about the importance of being in love. Love is a beautiful thing and there are a lot of benefits you can get from falling in love and being loved back. This is just to encourage those of you out there who have either given up on love or dont believe in love, to just give love another chance. That you have been hurt by someone you loved doesn't mean love is to blame, it simply means you unfortunately fell in love with someone who doesn't know how to love. There are still people out there who can love you perfectly without you begging or asking them to. Below are the few benefits of love; 

1)IT IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH;  It's medically proven that being in love and being loved back can reduce blood pressure, also a strong romantic support system protects the body from developing high levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone. This helps to protect you from various diseases including Cardiovascular diseases such as stroke. Love can also boost your immune system. E.t.c

2) LOVE INCREASES SELF-CONFIDENCE; people in healthy relationships tend to be more confident in all areas of their lives. It has been proven that being in love and being loved back by the same person reduces depression in both men and women.
Having a positive self-esteem comes from

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

VALENTINE’S DAY - 10 Facts You Must Know.

Feast of St. Valentine (February 14) or Valentine’s Day as it is popularly called is a day the CHURCH celebrates Saint Valentine. This day has been misunderstood and given several false interpretation. To many, it’s just a day of fun, to some, a day of casual sex and romance, to more a day of exchange of gifts and to others a day of deep reflection. But what should it be and what actually is it?
Here are 10 facts you must know about the very popular Valentine ’s Day.

1.      It is a Feast Day in the Church, just as the church celebrates other Saints and Martyrs of the church. Do you celebrate other Saints and Martyrs too?

2.      St. Valentine was a Priest of the Roman Catholic Church

3.      St. Valentine was persecuted and executed for performing WEDDINGS to soldiers who where forbidden to marry and also for ministering to Christians persecuted under the Roman Empire of Emperor Claudius II

Thursday, 8 February 2018


One of the biggest dilemmas a lot of women often face when dealing with men is the inability to know when a man is being truthful with his feelings and when he's not. This becomes an even bigger issue when the woman finds herself falling for a man that's already married. How can a woman know when to draw the line in her relationship with a married man? What is she supposed to believe when he tells her he loves her? Here are 5 key truths a woman must understand when another woman's husband tells her "I LOVE YOU."

1. When he tells you he loves you, he is only saying so because he wants female companionship and he has chosen you to be that companion. Not only does he want to keep seeing you, he also wants to try and get you emotionally bonded with him. You can be sure that once you've offered him all he was expecting, and he is tired of you, he certainly would move on to find himself another fresh babe that will excite him.

2.. When he tells you he loves you, he may also be telling you,...

Friday, 2 February 2018

When should you STAY or WALK AWAY from a relationship? Find out here...

Relationships are great and fun until you start to put in too much effort to make it work. Until you start having doubts and wondering if your partner really loves you. Until you no longer get happiness but bitterness and frustration from it. Yes, no relationship is always smooth and stress free, but the trouble and sad days should not be more than the exciting days. It's ok if your partner is been unromantic and difficult when they are going through tough times. But it shouldn't be a constant habit. Below are a few tips to guide you on if to hold on or to just walk away.       
1) You and your partner are making efforts to make things work. There has to be mutual attempts to fix the relationship. It can't be one sided.
2) You love him or her and you also feel loved by them but you just keep quarreling over and over about the same things. It means, you at least have finger picked the issues you have with each other, even though they are not resolved yet, there's hope because you are not just having issues about everything. Please, make sure at least there's still love existing in the relationship. If you are always fighting because you don't feel loved by your partner and they are not making efforts to show their love to you then you have no reason what so ever to hang on to them.
3) You can also hang on and try to make things work if