Monday, 27 August 2018

How do I cope with a mother-in-law who does not like me?

Women all over the world are always wary of that first meeting with the mother of the man they plan to spend the rest of their days with. Will she like me? Will she resent me? Will she support her son's proposed plan to marry me? Will she accept me as her daughter-in-law and love like I were her own biological daughter? These and a lot more are some of the questions that always prey on the mind of women when they set out to meet their soon -to-be mother -in-law. For some, it all turns out just perfect. The mother of their fiance just takes to them and they both hit it off the moment they meet. And things get even better from then on and they all go on to live happily ever after. But some others are not so lucky. Only a few months into their marriage, they find out that their mother-in-law is nothing but a nightmare. Nothing she does ever seem right in her eyes. Its as though she hates to see her happy with her son. So, how do you possibly deal with a woman like this? Here are a few tips we think might just be of help.

Sunday, 19 August 2018


Let's face it, a lot of women are guilty of this. For some reasons only they can understand, some ladies simply lose the desire to look beautiful both for themselves and their partner. They no longer pay attention to their hair, their face and even to the clothes they wear. Its as though they simply choose to take their marriage for granted and conclude they no longer have reasons to bother about going to the salon regularly looking stylish and fashionable like they used to. But the truth is that, if you were once a beautiful and stylish woman and you let all that part of you go just because you feel you're already married and do nt need to impress your man or anybody for that matter, then let us be the first to warn because there could be consequences to it. The following are what could happen when you stop looking beautiful for your man, whether you're married or not.

*Your man loses desire to come running home to you. This will certainly happen when you no longer excite your partner with your appearance. You used to excite him before you guys got engaged or married, but now that you have lost the appetite for looking good, he no longer looks forward to seeing you to appreciate your appearance anymore. When he's done with work in the office, he's not in any hurry to come running home to you because you no longer look like the woman he fell in  love with.

*He starts to appreciate other women. This is definitely going to start happening. Your man now begins to ogle at other women, appreciating what they're wearing and how stylish and beautiful they look. Before now, he probably wasn't

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


Have you been following the trend lately? Have you been as severely shocked as many others have been to find that the pendulum of domestic violence is gradually tilting towards the women? Yes, our beautiful, industrious, strong and loving naija women are slowly making a bad name for  themselves, ripping their husbands apart with knives or any other lethal object available to them almost on a monthly basis. Frightening, isn't it? But it's the truth. If you read the papers regularly and pay attention to the social  media, you'll be aware of this extremely disturbing situation. Before now, it was the women crying out for help, seeking help to get out of marriages that have gone from bad to worse in terms of abuse. But it appears now that our women are protecting themselves, fighting their own battles where help is not coming, but taking the law into their hands in the process. And the result? Frequent deaths of men brutally murdered by their once loving and adorable wives. How did we get here? It's so difficult to trace the beginning of this problem, but we can, at least, give a few help tips to women presently enduring an abusive marriage. Before you end up killing your husband, here a few suggestions.

* SPEAK OUT: You must let people. family specifically, know what's going on between you and your husband. Most women who are physically abused by their husbands on a regular basis rarely

Thursday, 2 August 2018


Is your boss a fine man? Does he fit into your picture of a dream partner? If your answer to both questions is yes, then, you may be in trouble! Well, not really that kind of trouble, but we're saying, chances are that you may fall for your boss sooner or later, if you're not careful. This is something we have seen happen time and time again, even when you didn't plan for it. Because it is a work environment, you will always be interacting and working closely with your boss. And then you find yourself falling slowly for his charms. Before you realize what's happening between both of you, you have ended up in bed with him. It's too late to back out now...Well, we will help you retrace your steps before you fall completely for your boss. Here are seven main reasons why dating your boss may not be such a great idea.

*You will have problems drawing the line between your work and your love affair with your boss. And people in the office will start to notice. From the flirty looks you give yourself to the quick body contacts you make, people will