Saturday, 30 June 2018


There are several reasons why a guy could be ignoring a woman. It could be that he's doing it deliberately, to get you to desire him more, or it could be that he simply doesn't fancy you as much as you think he does. Truth is, often times, when a guy likes a woman and considers her special, he's vocal about his intentions. And he pursues it to a logical end. But if, somewhere along the way, he switches off and loses interest in you, many things could be responsible. We are going to give ten reasons why we thing a guy you like is ignoring you.

*He's lost interest. This could be the bitter truth. Perhaps, at first, he greatly fancied you and then, along the line, he found some other lady much more exciting than you.Or it could be that he simply gotten bored with you.

*Perhaps you misunderstood him. Maybe he really wasn't that crazy about you but you thought he was. And most unfortunately, you assumed he was in love with you.

*He doesn't know how to tell you to your face he doesn't like you that much. Yes, he flirted with you at the start but didn't expect things would get to this point. 

*He's probably confused about his feelings for you. He's probably scared you have fallen seriously in love with him and he's not sure if that's what he wants right now and so he wants to take it easy with you and slow things down a bit. It could be he was merely looking to have some fun with you and you, from what he sees, want something a little deeper than that. 

* Your expectations of his commitment are high. You expect him to

Monday, 25 June 2018


Most people make the mistake of blaming everybody but themselves for the issues they have. Things will get really better for some couples if they stop pointing fingers and start working on themselves.

Yes, there are some women who nag a lot, and there are some men who are born cheats or just do not know how to love. But most times, you must have done something wrong for that woman to nag always. Check yourself, study your wife, find out what she hates, those things you do that make her nag. If you do not pay attention and you conclude that my wife just likes to nag, then you will never find a solution to that nagging. If she hates it when you go out and drink till it's very late, why not stop it or reduce the rate at which you do it. If she doesn't like you following every hot girl on social media, liking pics of their breasts and ass, why do not you stop it for peace to reign? You continuously do the things she doesn't like, because you do not pay much attention to know that she doesn't like those things, but then you expect her to stop nagging. Instead of going out to complain to people that your wife nags too much, simply stop doing what makes her nag. But if what you are doing is something you do not see as being wrong, then explain to her why she has nothing to worry or work herself up about.

Also, that cheating husband, have you sat and thought about it, maybe it's because you are starving him of sex, you are no longer romantic like you were when he was dating you, you've let yourself go. Spice up your marriage to reduce the tendencies of cheating. But there are also some men that cheat no matter what, they cheat on women that do their best to be good wives to them, how can you expect a perfect wife when you are not a perfect husband? There's no way a woman that suspects you of cheating will

Saturday, 23 June 2018

How do I stop a guy I don't like from flirting at me?

This happens to women all the time. You find yourself having to stomach the flirtatious moves of a guy you feel absolutely nothing for. Sometimes the guy has no serious intentions of getting any meaningful relationship started but he just enjoys playing Mr. Smooth guy with babes. Sometimes he even embarrasses you in front of your friends and guys, making you look like you're his babe! That may have been no problem if you fancy him, but in this case, you no dey even feel the guy, like our babes would say. And you don't want to be rude to him. So, what do you do? Here are seven steps you can take to stop a guy you don't like from flirting with you.

  • Tell him in the hardest way possible that you don't like it when he flirts with you. When he starts telling you how cute you look and how much he desires you, cut him off straight away and letting him know you don't like him talking to you in that manner. If you speak to him that way instead of smiling approvingly at him, he'll surely get the message.
  • *Let him know there's somebody else you're crushing on and you fancy very much. And it doesn't matter if you're lying. The idea is to

Thursday, 21 June 2018


Marriage is a social, and legal contract between two individuals that unites their lives legally, economically, and emotionally. Getting married, staying married and happy marriage is always the dream of most young adults. Sadly, it sometimes doesn’t come through as dreamt and wished. The role we play in achieving happy marriage cannot be over emphasized. It begins right at the beginning; Making the right choice. 
Here are 8 important things to consider when choosing whom to spend the rest of your life with as a husband or wife. 

1. Always have it at the back of your mind that the person you choose as your spouse is who you will sleep next to, eat with, gist with, confide in, trust, raise kids with, do practically everything with, for the rest of your lives. So, you have to choose someone you will not get tired of doing all those with.

2. Love should be your number one priority for choosing your spouse. Choose someone you love unconditionally, not for their looks or money. Your love for who they are should be so strong that even in difficult times when there's no money, you still love them. And if the good looks fade away over time, you will still love and need them.

3. Do not allow your family, friends or loved ones

Thursday, 14 June 2018


One of the biggest dillemas women have often been confronted with is deciding who to choose from between a rich, cute looking guy they're crazy about and a not so rich but also good looking guy they're also crazy about. For different reasons you love these two guys but you're scared to make your pick for a husband. You don't want to make the wrong choice and then end up having to endure a miserable marriage for the rest of your days. And people are saying to you, 'what are you confused about? Dump the broke ass and drag Mr. Rich and handsome to the altar fast before another smart girl beats you to it.' But should money always be the major parameter in deciding who a woman should choose as her husband to be? Can money supersede love? Here are five possible issues you may have to contend with when you choose a man with loaded pockets over an average guy with tons of prospects who loves you like crazy!

OVER BLOATED EGO: Ask most ladies who have been in relationships with rich, good looking guys in the past and they'll tell you many of these guys have over bloated egos. In other words, most of these dudes think too highly of themselves. To put it bluntly, they often act like they're doing you a great deal of favour dating you because they have hordes of babes dying to replace you and be in their arms. This is why they always carry on like, 'if you mess up, I'll get another babe to replace you even before you walk through the door.' 

ALWAYS FIGHTING COMPETITION: This is a fact and you know it, with a rich and handsome guy, there is no rest for you. You will always be warding off and fighting other women in a bid to keep them away from your man for as long as you both remain together. Its a cross every woman married or involved with a rich and handsome guy has to carry. Every woman wants your man because they are attracted by the same qualities that attracted you to him.

SHOWS NO RESPECT: This is a fact too. Most men who are rich and cute very rarely

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


It  is happening almost everyday now. You open pages of the newspaper or you go through the news contents on your phone and the news is always the same - couples are killing each other by the minute. If a woman is not ripping her husband apart with a knife, it is a man butchering his once beloved wife, the mother of his children. How did get here? How did we become a society filled with savage couples who only know how to settle their differences with the knife? What is happening to us? How do we put an end to these demonic trend? Well, to begin with, we are not going to pretend to have the solutions to stopping this menace, but we want to say emphatically, violent partners are the most dangerous people to live with, and when things begin to get really heated in the relationship or marriage, to the point that the life of a partner is being threatened, then its time to begin to review that relationship or marriage. And our position on this issue is very clear - don't go on managing that kind of marriage, it is time to pull out of it! Here are five steps to take when confronted with a violent situation in your marriage.

DON'T DISMISS THE EARLY WARNINGS: A lot of people make this mistake. When your partner suddenly gets into a rage when you both argue, and then from occasional slaps, he graduates to turning you into his punching bag, beating you black and blue, then you must begin to realize there is danger. People don't just become violent over night, they always give out the little signals. A man that beats you to a pulp at the slightest provocation is only a knife away from stabbing you to death. Same applies to a woman who slaps her man at will and smashes things in the house in the heat of anger, she is not the sort of woman you turn your back on and go to sleep after a very intense provocation. She could be sticking a knife down your throat the very minute. Don't get emotional with situations like this, start considering a total review of your marriage.

AVOID GETTING INTO FIGHTS AND QUARRELS WITH A VIOLENT PARTNER: The moment you realize that your partner is the violent type who hits at you pretty quickly in the face of anger without giving it a thought, learn to restrain yourself from lashing out at him/her in return. Do not get confrontational with him/her. It never works. If anything, it only makes things worse. While your partner is all angered up and boiling inside, you play the mature part by taking things easy and not say equally hurtful or provocative things in return. This may lead him or her to get violent and things could get really messy from here. Getting confrontational is not the solution, the solution might just be staying away from that partner for good, if you don't want to end up a dead victim of domestic violence.


Saturday, 2 June 2018


Let us face it, every woman wants a man who can take her to ecstasy and back. Whether we admit it or not, especially in this part of the world (Africa) where sex is still regarded as sacred, sex plays a very pivotal role in marriage. A very healthy sex life between couples almost always guarantees a happy relationship or marriage. Sadly, not every woman is enjoying a healthy sex life. We are not talking about the category of women who are being starved of it, no, that's a story for another day. We are talking about the women whose husbands are not getting it right in bed, particularly those men who can't seem to last long. Below are a few tips that might help you get your man to last longer in bed and give you something close to what you'll call a super performance!

1. NICE AND SLOW: Tell your man to take it nice and slow while he's inside you. He shouldn't let the excitement get the better of him. While he's thrusting, he should rather go slowly, like one thrust in every three seconds. When he feels like getting close to orgasm, he can stop, hold his thrust, and then continue. 

2. EXTEND THE FOREPLAY: This one works like wonders. If your man is the type that loves to climb his woman and penetrate the moment he gets an erection, then you need to teach him how to foreplay. And for a reasonable length of time too. Don't let him mount you, ready for penetration once he's aroused, you guys need to play with each other first, touching each other in all of those places that drive you crazy. During a prolonged foreplay, he could ejaculate some of the semen that could've driven him to full orgasm during actual penetration. This could guarantee that he would delay in ejaculation during the main event.

3. AVOID ALCOHOL PRIOR TO SEX: A lot of men do not