Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Torkwase Kuraun (Teekay Speaks) wins Female Writer/Blogger of the Year 2017

Torkwase Vncent Kuraun also known as Teekay Speaks has been awarded The "Female writer/Blogger of the year" 2017. The award was presented on the Benue Women of Fire Awards held on November 17 2017.

Torkwase is the founder of the award winning Relationship Blog, and the Premier Matching Website;

She however dedicates the award to the entire Teekay Speaks Team and to her Facebook Family and Fans.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

5 Major things you should NEVER use to judge your partner

Perhaps the biggest key to a long lasting and enduring relationship is realizing, and of course accepting, whether it suits you or not, that you and your sweetheart are not two same people and will never be. You are two different people from different backgrounds, with diverse individual choices, beliefs and attributes. Owing to your different individual backgrounds, you're unlikely to match in these different areas a hundred percent. When you date someone or married to your partner without judging them or holding them in contempt for anything ultimately guarantees longevity in such marriage or relationship. The following are five major things you should never judge your partner by.

1. THE PAST: There is nothing as absolutely terrible as judging your partner by what they have done in the past or what they were before you guys met. Everybody has a past. You have yours too. Judging your partner by theirs would only

Friday, 17 November 2017


Sometimes, we don't even understand how we find ourselves in this situation. You can't even put a finger on it, you just realize you and your partner have slowly and steadily drifted apart. And you begin to wonder, where did we miss it? Where did we go wrong? For some others, they CAN put a finger on it. They know exactly where they missed it and how they missed it. Indeed, they are both conscious of the fact that they're drifting apart but they do not seem to mind the consequences.But for those who are still groping in the dark for answers, here are the dangerous signals to look out for that confirm to you that you and your once loving partner have started to slowly drift apart.

Thursday, 9 November 2017


From childhood, many of us have a clear picture of who our dream man or woman would be. We even fantasize about it. We dream it. And as we grow older, we begin to see if we can actualize this dream and find that particular partner we'd always wanted. We come across so many suitable and possible dream partners and at some point or the other we had to make our choice. Sometimes we make the right choice, sometimes, we don't. Life can throw a whole lot at us sometimes that we get consumed and make mistakes. Here are ten possible mistakes that might lead you to making the wrong choice of partner.  

1. Expecting the change that may never come. 
This is perhaps the most common mistake women make. A lot of women

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Is your man a BULLY?: See how you can overcome the pain...

Sometimes in our relationships or marriage, things don't turn out the way they should for us. As we evolve with the relationship/ marriage, we change. Sometimes, we change for the good, and sadly, sometimes, it could be for the bad. The shock of watching how our once loving and affectionate partners transform into a totally different human being, almost like a complete stranger, can really be shattering. This is when the man who once could kiss the ground on which you walked suddenly becomes a sadist who appears to be truly delighted only when he sees you sad. And when that is not happening, he bullies you. He tries to make your day unbearable until he breaks you and you fall apart, only then would he back off and let you be. Now, he is happy. How can a woman endure a marriage/relationship like this? How do you continue to live with a man who seems to have absolutely no feelings for you anymore? Here are some tips we think can help. Now, these may not be foolproof neither can we give you an automatic guarantee that the situation will change drastically. The change, hopefully, will come, but it could be slow. Patience is the watchword here. And of course, prayers. The following are ways we think the pain and the trauma you feel can be overcome. 

NO SELF PITY: This is a cardinal law when you are going through a situation like this. It is in fact, the very first thing you must know, no self pity! Stop feeling

Thursday, 2 November 2017


In our present world, respect and admiration are rather  objective instead of a reality. We live in in a generation where people support disrespect and ill treatment as a way or an option to even right a wrong... Speaking of admiration and respect, for me it's a two way thing in the sense that the deserving and recipient  have to be worthy enough to be accorded with such. 

Biblically, (Ephesians 5:33, Colossians 3:19) it is written that