Saturday, 24 February 2018


One of the hardest things to do for most people is to say, 'sorry,' to a friend or loved one. Not everyone is ready to immediately swallow their pride and admit they've messed things up. Even when they know deep inside their hearts that they've done wrong and hurt their partner in the process, saying sorry becomes a really big issue for them, They simply do not know how to apologize and do it genuinely.But there will always come a time when you'll be forced to assess the one out of the two that you value more - your pride or your relationship. When you make a mess of your relationship, you definitely need to make things up, and one of the ways to start is by coming up with words that genuinely convey how sorry you are. Here are five sweet and simple lines you can adopt.

1. "I was wrong, I'm sorry." This is one of the most effective of the lot. It shows clearly that not only are you sorry, but you also admit you were wrong. 

2. "I'm sorry for being so insensitive." Many of us are guilty of

Sunday, 18 February 2018


This is a warning to all women, expecially married women who prefer to leave the running of their homes in the hands of a house maid, who often times not only helps in keeping the house, but also helps madam to 'keep' her husband as well. The story you're about to read broke out in my neighborhood just days ago. Nene and her husband have been married for just a couple of years. They have two little kids, a boy and a girl. Nene works in the bank while her husband is an IT specialist and works with a private company on the Island. Just a few months, Nene decided she needed a housemaid because

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Why is it important to be in love? Here are 5 Key reasons.

Today being Valentine's day, I want to talk to you all about the importance of being in love. Love is a beautiful thing and there are a lot of benefits you can get from falling in love and being loved back. This is just to encourage those of you out there who have either given up on love or dont believe in love, to just give love another chance. That you have been hurt by someone you loved doesn't mean love is to blame, it simply means you unfortunately fell in love with someone who doesn't know how to love. There are still people out there who can love you perfectly without you begging or asking them to. Below are the few benefits of love; 

1)IT IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH;  It's medically proven that being in love and being loved back can reduce blood pressure, also a strong romantic support system protects the body from developing high levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone. This helps to protect you from various diseases including Cardiovascular diseases such as stroke. Love can also boost your immune system. E.t.c

2) LOVE INCREASES SELF-CONFIDENCE; people in healthy relationships tend to be more confident in all areas of their lives. It has been proven that being in love and being loved back by the same person reduces depression in both men and women.
Having a positive self-esteem comes from

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

VALENTINE’S DAY - 10 Facts You Must Know.

Feast of St. Valentine (February 14) or Valentine’s Day as it is popularly called is a day the CHURCH celebrates Saint Valentine. This day has been misunderstood and given several false interpretation. To many, it’s just a day of fun, to some, a day of casual sex and romance, to more a day of exchange of gifts and to others a day of deep reflection. But what should it be and what actually is it?
Here are 10 facts you must know about the very popular Valentine ’s Day.

1.      It is a Feast Day in the Church, just as the church celebrates other Saints and Martyrs of the church. Do you celebrate other Saints and Martyrs too?

2.      St. Valentine was a Priest of the Roman Catholic Church

3.      St. Valentine was persecuted and executed for performing WEDDINGS to soldiers who where forbidden to marry and also for ministering to Christians persecuted under the Roman Empire of Emperor Claudius II

Thursday, 8 February 2018


One of the biggest dilemmas a lot of women often face when dealing with men is the inability to know when a man is being truthful with his feelings and when he's not. This becomes an even bigger issue when the woman finds herself falling for a man that's already married. How can a woman know when to draw the line in her relationship with a married man? What is she supposed to believe when he tells her he loves her? Here are 5 key truths a woman must understand when another woman's husband tells her "I LOVE YOU."

1. When he tells you he loves you, he is only saying so because he wants female companionship and he has chosen you to be that companion. Not only does he want to keep seeing you, he also wants to try and get you emotionally bonded with him. You can be sure that once you've offered him all he was expecting, and he is tired of you, he certainly would move on to find himself another fresh babe that will excite him.

2.. When he tells you he loves you, he may also be telling you,...

Friday, 2 February 2018

When should you STAY or WALK AWAY from a relationship? Find out here...

Relationships are great and fun until you start to put in too much effort to make it work. Until you start having doubts and wondering if your partner really loves you. Until you no longer get happiness but bitterness and frustration from it. Yes, no relationship is always smooth and stress free, but the trouble and sad days should not be more than the exciting days. It's ok if your partner is been unromantic and difficult when they are going through tough times. But it shouldn't be a constant habit. Below are a few tips to guide you on if to hold on or to just walk away.       
1) You and your partner are making efforts to make things work. There has to be mutual attempts to fix the relationship. It can't be one sided.
2) You love him or her and you also feel loved by them but you just keep quarreling over and over about the same things. It means, you at least have finger picked the issues you have with each other, even though they are not resolved yet, there's hope because you are not just having issues about everything. Please, make sure at least there's still love existing in the relationship. If you are always fighting because you don't feel loved by your partner and they are not making efforts to show their love to you then you have no reason what so ever to hang on to them.
3) You can also hang on and try to make things work if

Thursday, 1 February 2018


One of the greatest nightmares any man could be faced with is to have as wife an unrepentant nag! It could drive a man berserk. You return home from the office after a hard day's work, and you're greeted by an intolerably nagging wife who won't let you have a moment's rest. You start to feel your home has become a hell hole, you don't know when your wife's in a good mood, you're scared she could blow hot again the next minute. Has your lovely wife changed into an irritating nag overnight? Do you sometimes feel your home has become a hell hole? Here are 5 ways to help you deal with a nagging wife'

  • When she suddenly starts to nag without reason, stay calm. Don't get angry with her. Simply draw her close to you and give her a kiss, this will douse her anger and get her mind off nagging for the moment. Then, you can get her to tell you what the problem is and you can both work it out.
  • Surprise her. Melt her heart by doing stuffs she doesn't expect. Take her out. Buy her gifts.