Sunday, 18 November 2018


It can be a pretty rough and difficult relationship when you're dating a woman who's desperate for marriage. Women who, for one reason or the other, feel they ought to have settled down with a man can be quite a tricky customer to handle. Every time you're together she's thinking nothing other than how to drag you to the alter and have you slip a wedding band into her finger and this can really get on your nerves. Sadly, more often than not, a woman who's choking her man for marriage usually ends up losing her man. You have to let things take a natural course between you and your partner other wise, the relationship might go awry for you. Here are some common mistakes ladies make when they're desperate for marriage.

*Bringing up the issue at awkward moments. When a guy comes home tired and drained from the office and all he wants is eat and get himself some rest, then you pop up the question, 'where is this relationship leading to? Are you sure I'm not wasting my time with you in this relationship? For Christ's sake, you're only asking for trouble cos you may not like his response. You must know the right time to bring up the issue with your man and not get on his nerves. 

*Sounding like he has no other choice. When you begin to talk to your man in a tone that suggests you're subtly trying to compel him to marry you, simply because you've dated for about a year or thereabout and have had sex multiple times, he might react in a way you won't like. What you want from the relationship may not be what he wants. Have you asked him what he wants? Does he really want to make you his wife? It shouldn't be about you and what you want alone. 

*Comparing situation with friends. That's a capital NO! You cannot say because some of your mutual mutual friends are married, so you guys must follow suit, things don't work that way. Your friends may have done their homework and realized they're really meant for each other. You and your partner might still need some time to get to know each other. 

*Always talking about babies! This is a no, no! It just shows you're hyper desperate. You think talking about how much you love babies and how many you would like to have with him might get him to be on same wave length with you? It could very well be a turn off.  Worse still, you could get him pretty scared to touch you in bed. He'll think you may be looking for a way to pin him down with pregnancy. And this may just chase him out of the relationship altogether.

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