Sunday, 4 December 2016



As a Wife, your BEAUTY attracts your husband, but your WISDOM will continue to keep him! Your ELEGANCE catches his ATTENTION, but your INTELLIGENCE convinces him! NAGGING irritates your husband, but your "Constructive Silence" weakens him! Remember that the "boyish" character in your husband comes out occasionally but your ability to always handle it is a sign that you are a MATURED WIFE. Every man have "Secrets, Struggles and Pains, including your husband.Knowing them is a great previlage that must not be toyed with: Exhibit the greatest maturity by asking the Originator of marriage(GOD) for the right manual for each case despite the case studies.Invest the RIGHT WORDS.....they worth more than RUBIES. Earn your husband's respect and he will consider you as the yard-stick for all his actions! Learn to mold your husband's moods and he will naturally give you his "FUTURE"... as he recalls your maturity in the past issues.Note, WOMEN are everywhere, but REAL WIVES are hard to come by. Let the QUEEN in you come alive, and your husband will always hold you in a very HIGH ESTEEM!
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