Thursday, 20 September 2018


You have been dating this absolutely perfect guy for a while now. You adore him to no end and so does he you. You have met his relatives and they've taken a liking to you. You can't wait to be his mother's daughter-in-law cos she's simply an angel, everything you've always dreamed of in a mother-in-law. Everybody says you both make a smashing couple couple together and God knows you love him like crazy. But the only problem is, he is yet to pop up the big question - he hasn't proposed to you yet So, what do you do about this? How do you get to know what's going on in his mind and if he will ever marry you? Here are seven signs you should look out for that might help you to be almost certain whether he will ever marry you or not!

*How often does he use the word 'we'? As simple as the word might sound or look, it says a lot about how involved your man is with you. It also says a lot about how much your partner is already thinking of both of you as a couple. He already sees you in his future. He can picture both of you together and he's probably talking that way to his relatives as well. Even when he's asked if he plans to travel home for Christmas, he says, 'we' haven't arranged anything yet, referring to you.

*He believes so much that marriage is beautiful and is looking forward to it. A lot of men do not share this sentiment, and to be honest, you can't blame them. Not with the way marriages are falling apart day after day in Naija like a pack of badly arranged cards. And that's not all, each time he talks about marriage and what his dream marriage would look like, he looks deep into your eyes with a smile and sees you in that picture. 

*He's not scared about commitments and doesn't scowl when he sees other people's wedding posts in the social media. Men who have a strong aversion for marriage always put on an indifferent look when they see other people's wedding posts on the internet. It doesn't excite them. But not your man. He finds the posts exciting and even says that 'when' he gets married, and not 'if' he gets married, that he would also flood the social media with his wedding pics. Now, that is your man!

*His family now treat you like a part of the family. You can go with him over to his folks place and you're not scared because you know its now a second home to you. You can strike conversation with any member of his family without him trying to steer the relationship to a safe direction. In fact, you can see it from the love they've shown you that he will have a difficult time explaining things to them should he decide to terminate his relationship with you, that's how much they love already love you!

*He talks freely about kids you'll both be having. This is really key to you being a part of his future plans. Most guys always shy away from subjects like this simply because they're either not ready yet for marriage or the guy's sure if he is finally ready to walk down the aisle, it certainly wont be with you, so he doesn't want you to bring up any talk about kids! But if he's already seeing you as the future mother of his unborn kids, he'll be so comfortable discussing the subject with you that you'll know he's already thinking ahead for both of you.

*He loves to share everything with you. There's probably nothing important that happens to him that he doesn't share with you. He considers you as a part of him already and sees no point concealing things from you or taking significant decisions relating to his life without discussing with you or carrying you along.

*He asks about wedding related stuffs.He suddenly wants to have an idea how much a wedding gown or suit costs. Stylishly, he asks you what your dream wedding will be like. He's also been snooping around your jewelry box, trying to figure out what your ring size is and how much these things cost. You can be sure there's no other thing on his mind than making you his and the mother of his children.So, you just keep your fingers crossed, and pray...

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