Thursday, 6 September 2018


Some women naturally are insensitive. They do not stop to think what the consequences of what their action or inaction could be, they just go on and do exactly what they feel like doing, regardless whose ox is gored. For example, some women can make a habit of rejecting their man's sexual advances anytime they feel like. It could be because they are upset with their partner over an argument or because they asked for something and he obliged, or it could just be because they have too much on their minds. Whatever it is, what they tell their man all the time is, "I'm tired, I've had a hectic day!" Or , with the religious, you could hear,"honey, didn't I tell you I'm fasting?" And his may have become a regular pattern. The danger here is, while you may pretend you do not think this is a problem, it could have its consequences. You cannot continue to turn your man down in bed and not expect there could be problems. 

*He will despise you. Most men cannot stand a woman they call their own turning them down in bed for no just reason. Men hate sexual rejection, it totally shatters the man's ego. If you do not call off your no sex strike, you may force him to
start planning to pay you back in your own coin. And trust me, you won't find it funny if your man declares war in the bedroom and totally ignores your beautiful body! You will be the one on your knees begging him to call off the 'strike.' 

*He hates it when you use sex as a bargaining tool. A lot of women do this. When they need something from their partner and he's slow in delivering, they use sex as a punishment for his inability to meet their request which is usually financial. To most men, this is cheap. Using your body as a bargaining tool only makes him feel you're forcing him to pay for sex with you. This makes him lose a great deal of respect for you. Rather than continue to deny him sex each time you need something, talk to him and make him see reason why you need the money you're asking for. 

*Stop singing "I'm tired" to him. You cannot possibly be tied every night. There must be days when you will feel good and ready for sex. On such days, make your man know you want him. Touch him in bed and snuggle close to him. This way, on the day you tell you're tired, he'll understand and believe you're truly tired. Remember, you're his woman and you can't blame him for having the urge for a woman he calls his own.

*You're sending the wrong signals. When you make it a habit of rejecting your husband sexually, the signal you're sending is that you don't feel anything for him. This can set the man thinking, is she seeing another man? Is she in love with another man? Has she been getting down with another man which explains her loss of appetite for sex with him? Whatever it is, you may be pushing him to start considering finding himself a woman outside who would be more than ready to jump into bed with him whenever and however he wants it. 

Whatever the situation is, it is unhealthy to deliberately and constantly deny your man sex. Both of you should talk things over. If you're no longer enjoying sex with your man, then let him know so. Tell him the things that piss you off when he makes love to you. And if its just that you need something from him and he's not playing ball yet, discuss with him rather than use sex to punish him.

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