Sunday, 28 October 2018

5 ways to know if your man still wants his ex-girlfriend back

A lot of people imagine it's only women who brood over an ex, or still retain blissful memories of their guy, that's not true. You will be surprised to know a lot of men too find it hard to let go of an ex and still cling onto a small possibility she could be theirs again. You could have a little problem of your hands if you have a man who still misses his ex and probably still wants her back. Here are 5 ways you could tell your partner still hasn't gotten over his ex-lover.

*He still keeps her stuffs. Truth is, we only keep things that we consider precious to us. If your man still keeps her dress, her ribbon and other stuffs in his possession and hasn't disposed of them yet, then it could be that he wants to keep stuffs that remind him of her. And that could only be because he misses her and would probably be glad to have her back.

*He could be trying too hard to love you. It could be that he's perhaps trying so hard to get his mind off his ex and in doing so he's trying to shift all his attention to you. If that is so, then there could be issues with your relationship because it could be that your guy has only started a relationship so he won't brood too much and could forget about his ex. So, what if he's finally able to forget her, will you still remain his number one boo?

*He still talks too much about her. This can only mean one thing - a part of him still wants her bad. He can't get memories of her out his head, and even though he may not want to admit it, he still hasn't gotten over yet!

*He constantly tells you he hates her. That is supposed to make you feel good and secure, right? But what if it's not true? What if the situation is the exact opposite? Could it be its because deep inside him he still loves her so much but in anger he is telling you he hates her, (perhaps for dumping him)? 

*Does he make comparisons between you and his ex? Does he tell she's a slightly better cook or that she rocks better than you in bed? That is not a good one. It is a scary pointer to the fact that he still wants her back! 

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