Saturday, 2 February 2019


Being in love can really be a beautiful thing, apologies to the Koko Master, Dbanj. Yes, it can be heavenly. You feel like you're flying without wings. Nothing could provoke you. Nothing could hurt you. Because you know there's somebody out there who cares a great deal about you and loves you like crazy. Sadly, for some of us, this feeling doesn't get to last long sometimes. We find ourselves falling out of love, sometimes for obvious reasons, and at some other times, we do not even realize we're falling out of love. You only just realize you guys are slowly drifting apart. Here are a few signs that show to you that you no longer love your partner like you used to.

*Your partner irritates you. Whether he/she is simply sitting down watching telly or eating, you just feel a surge of irritation watching him/her. The irritation is so strong you guys are barely talking to each other, and most shockingly, you do not even care! Everything your partner does now irritates you, that's a really bad sign your love for your partner is slowly fading away.

*You're not excited anymore. Earlier in your relationship, your eyes would always light up with excitement whenever you see your partner or you two hang out together. But now, that excitement is gone. You even look for excuses to avoid both of you hanging out together like you used to. This is not a good sign at all, clearly, your love for your partner is waning.

*You're only interested in yourself. One of the happy signs of a relationship is the fact that couples love to do things together. They bond together and grow their love together. But once you no longer feel this way and prefer to be on your own, do things your own way, not caring one bit whether your partner is hurting or not, then there's a big problem. That's a big sign that love for your partner is slowly dying.

*You're constantly thinking of someone else. This is perhaps the most worrisome sign. If you're with your partner, enjoying a cosy night together, and yet your mind is darting back and forth, thinking about your ex, or about a guy/girl you just met in the neighbourhood, and you don't feel a prick in your conscience, then there's fire on the mountain in that relationship. Once you no longer feel any guilt about considering cheating on your partner, trust me, that love is half dead already.

* You no longer respect your partner. That's not a good one. Here in Africa, there's always this expectation that a woman must respect her man at all times. And so, for a woman, once you no longer feel that respect, or no reason to respect your man, then things surely will go wrong. Your partner will realize this and would surely react to it. It just shows clearly that you no longer love him like you used to.

*You argue a lot. It is not unhealthy in any relationship for couples to argue once in a while. Sometimes, it can help you better the the relationship. But when it begins to happen too often, it will start to take it's toll on the relationship. Once the love begins to fade away, you start to argue all the time. Instead of expending so much time arguing and probably yelling at each other, there's something else you should try, it's called communication. 

*Don't have sex anymore. This is certainly where the cookie begins to crumble. At the start, you two always go at each other the moment you find you're both alone in the room, and it doesn't even have to be your room! But lately, you no longer feel that hunger for your partner burning inside you. This is a clear sign you guys are already falling out of love.

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