Wednesday, 20 February 2019


How do you speak to your partner? How do you both restrain from losing your cool and speaking harsh words to each other when you're angry or arguing? Do you show respect to each other and consider each other's feelings when you're both arguing? One of the major problems couples face in their relationships or marriages is that sometimes they do not realize the power of the words they say to their partners. If you say positive things to your lover or about them in the presence of others, it may go a long way in inspiring them and making them feel good about the relationship. And if it's something negative? Then you can be sure the effect could be unpleasant. Below are five tips that can help you choose your words better, no matter the circumstances.

*Be a great listener. One of the traits women look out for in men is that partner who is patient with them, who takes time to listen to them. Listen to your partner carefully before saying no to their opinions or suggestions. Avoid contradicting your partner immediately. Calm and gently express your contrary opinions to them instead of doing so insensitively because you may end up hurting your partner badly.

*When others are around. A lot of people embarrass their partners in front of others sometimes without realizing so. They only realize it afterwards when their partners express how hurt they are. Both of you should learn to be respectful towards each other in front of others. Don't cut your partner midway in their sentence just because you feel they're not communicating or explaining something well enough. This would only make your partner feel hurt and low on confidence around you.

*Compliments. Compliment your partner often and you don't always have to restrict to physical traits. Compliment your partner about their job, their personality or the fantastic progress they've made in their careers or business. But it has to be something you feel genuinely impressed with them about. When you compliment your partner in the presence of others, it makes them feel good and confident about themselves. On the other hand, if you criticize them before others, it makes them feel unloved and underappreciated. 

*Your words in argument.Arguments, confrontations and disagreements are a regular feature in relationships or marriages. Avoid using sarcastic or condescending words during arguments that could shatter your partner and leave them feeling terribly hurt. Refrain from using words that would make your partner feel worse about themselves or give them the feeling that you never truly or genuinely cared about them, that you only tolerated them.

*Your whining. Complaining about your partner's shortcomings or inadequacies all the time can actually depress them to a point they begin to wonder if you truly care. Learn to discuss your partner's little shortcomings and mistakes with them, rather than expressing them openly and angrily. This would only leave them feeling pained and heartbroken rather than corrected and encouraged.

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