Tuesday, 19 March 2019


You keep hearing about some women who enjoy fabulous sex lives with their partners. Everything appears to be falling into place for them. Great sex life, amazing partner and a wonderful family. But how do they manage to keep it hot, especially as they have a couple of kids and more than a few years together? They certainly must have a lot going for them and we will let you in on about five of them.

*SCHEDULED SEX: This is one of the best kept secrets of some couples. Although a lot of couples do not seem to like the idea of scheduled sex, but in an environment where couples now have to work round the clock to survive and so get home too tired to have sex, scheduled sex becomes the sensible option. On the morning of the day they're expected to make love, they get themselves in the mood by sending love messages to one another and giving each other body signals that send the hormones hungry and waiting for the moment. This certainly keeps their sex life hot and unstoppable.

*PERFECT THE QUICKIE: For couples who live regimented lives, this may sound outrageous to you. Those who know will tell you that one of the secrets to enjoying great sex life with your partner is indulging in brief and beautiful quickie sessions once in a while. This is necessary sometimes when you're suddenly alone in the house perhaps the kids have all left to go play with the neighbours. And you're suddenly hungry for each other. What do you do? You ensure you put the lock on your bedroom door and get rolling and jigging in bed. This can be really exciting, even more than your normal midnight sessions.

*EXPERIMENT: Are you one of those old school couples who shy away from experimenting sexually with each other? Are you one of those who do not subscribe to your wife showing some extra skills in bed or you're a wife who disapproves of your husband displaying his 'bedmatic skills' on you? You still prefer sticking to your good old missionary style and nothing more? Just in case you do not know, most of the couples who seem to be enjoying a satisfying sex life are not the ones who stick to missionary style alone, that are the ones who experiment and enjoy themselves in bed to the fullest. 

*AVOID EXCUSES: Couples who know the importance of a great sex life in any relationship or marriage also know about the damage constant excuses from either the man or woman in a relationship or marriage can do to such union. What it does is that it sometimes disgusts or even frustrates your partner when you reject their sexual needs. Couples who understand themselves better avoid rejecting each other, hence they enjoy a fabulous sex life together.

*TRUST EACH OTHER: This is key. Couples who trust each other inside and out, tend to be freer with each other in bed. They let go of all their inhibitions and just enjoy each other, knowing they trust themselves and have no doubt that no one is cheating on each other. This greatly adds to the satisfaction and excitement.

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