Friday, 1 March 2019

FOR MEN ONLY: How Your Reckless Lifestyle Can Lead to Infertility

Have you noticed lately that, since the last couple of years, more and more young men have been indulging in extremely reckless lifestyle that could be injurious to their health? Have you also noticed the upsurge and abuse of hazardous drugs like Codein, Tramadol and the likes? It is becoming a disturbing trend among men. Despite the efforts of the government to reduce the influx of these substances into the market, they continue to find their way into the wrong hands and cause untold damages to their reproductive system. This often always results in infertility, which in simple terms means the inability of the man to produce sufficient quantity and quality sperm capable of triggering conception in a woman. This is a serious problem, one that can bring untold pain to a man who has been incapable of getting his young wife pregnant.

Some men are too ashamed to talk about it. They shy away from seeking medical help while others have thrown their pride out of the window and are turning to those who could be of help for succour. They are running from pillar to post, in a bid to find solution to the problem. Their marriages have gone several years without a child to show for it and both husband and wife are terribly heartbroken. Ask those who have experienced this situation before and they will tell you it is better left imagined than experienced. But what really are the causes of male infertility?  

Lately, medical experts have confirmed that, unlike in the past when most cases of male infertility were as a result of purely medical factors, the situation is different these days. Nowadays, most men have brought upon themselves the harrowing problem of infertility owing to their extremely reckless lifestyle choices. The sort of habits young men indulge in these days are nothing short of alarming. The most worrisome of all is the increasing rate of drug addiction by youths. It has become common place to find our youths mixing and taking dangerous and banned substances just to get high. Notable amongst the drugs they are hooked onto are the banned Codein, cocaine, steroids, marijuana and Tramadol. They just cannot get enough of these harmful substances. They say the substances get them high. They give them super natural energy and stamina to do things they couldn't have done if they hadn't taken the substance, hence they turn to the drugs for sex enhancement purposes, feeling high and oblivious of all their burdens, extra stamina for energy sapping work, etc. But what they do not realize is that these drugs do much more than the purposes for which they are taking them - they are causing them infertility risks! This unapproved usage of harmful substances can cause male infertility by damaging the sperm quality, quantity or passage of sperm.

Another lifestyle choice that can wreck a man's fertility is excessive alcohol. Most men will not like this because majority of them are lovers of alcohol, but the frightening truth is that excessive alcohol can cause untold damage to your system and put you at the risk of infertility. It is okay when, as a man, you take one or two bottles of beer once in a while if you lack the capability to desist totally from it, but to make it a regular feature of your life is where the problem is. It gets even worse when you become addicted to gin, both local and original, these things have a way of killing you slowly and affecting your chances of getting a woman pregnant.

Unhealthy diet is also another lifestyle choice that affects the man's fertility chances. When you eat or put into your system anything that comes your way, then you're only inviting problems. Too much of Cholesterol from junk foods and the sorts can result into all manner of problems, e.g. obesity, and the medical experts will tell you an obese man stands a great risk of being infertile. 

For men who are neck deep in unsafe sex, be warned. They also are open to factors that can reduce their fertility level. Unsafe sex can lead to sexually transmitted infections and diseases that can block the sperm passage. And once that happens, it becomes extremely difficult and almost impossible to get a woman pregnant. Other medical causes are Testicular damage, which simply implies damage to the male's Testicules which can be caused by trauma from sport, infection, surgery, etc. Ejaculation disorders too can cause male infertility. 

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