Friday, 17 November 2017


Sometimes, we don't even understand how we find ourselves in this situation. You can't even put a finger on it, you just realize you and your partner have slowly and steadily drifted apart. And you begin to wonder, where did we miss it? Where did we go wrong? For some others, they CAN put a finger on it. They know exactly where they missed it and how they missed it. Indeed, they are both conscious of the fact that they're drifting apart but they do not seem to mind the consequences.But for those who are still groping in the dark for answers, here are the dangerous signals to look out for that confirm to you that you and your once loving partner have started to slowly drift apart.

Communication becomes poor: As a couple, you used to communicate a whole lot. You could gist about anything and thrash out serious issues that need to be thrashed out. But these days, you barely talk to each other for long periods. You both seem to have lost interest in gisting and having long conversations like you used to. This is one of the early signals that you guys are drifting apart.

Sex life fizzles out: This is a very unpleasant situation to be in. One of the greatest things that bond couples together is sex and when your man who used to hound you all over the house naked the moment the kids are out of the house suddenly no longer cares if you're lying naked beside him in bed all day, then something's gone wrong. You know he makes love to you at least twice a week. now its twice a month and then once a month, sweetheart, you should be asking questions otherwise this situation would begin to create a gulf between both of you that might be difficult to close right away. 

Constant arguments: You know your partner rarely argues with you and neither does he raise his voice at you, but these days, you both argue over every little thing, it could only mean one thing, you're drifting apart. You no longer share same views, you no longer respect each other's opinions anymore. This only happens when something is starting to rock the boat and you need to fix it fast. 

Holding grudges. Before now, you and your partner barely hold grudges. You have your little issues once in a while but you don't let it get beyond the night, by morning, you guys are good again. But that is no longer the case. These days, you two hold grudges against each other and even display bitterness and disgust for your partner. This will definitely tear you apart. 

Urge to become unfaithful: The moment a hitherto faithful partner begins to nurse the desire to cheat his or her partner because they haven't been particularly close and happy together lately, then there is a serious problem. Clearly, both are no longer so into each other like they used to. 

Saying hurtful things: When things get so bad that all you guys want to do is say hurtful things to each other at every given opportunity, that is a clear signal that you're both drifting apart and hating and hurting each other in the process. You definitely cannot continue on this path, it has only one dead end - heartbreak! 

No more sweet words: Once the sweet words start to dwindle and the words of affection and romantic times together begin to disappear, be alert, it may go beyond the pressure of work like he wants you to believe.

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