Wednesday, 22 November 2017

5 Major things you should NEVER use to judge your partner

Perhaps the biggest key to a long lasting and enduring relationship is realizing, and of course accepting, whether it suits you or not, that you and your sweetheart are not two same people and will never be. You are two different people from different backgrounds, with diverse individual choices, beliefs and attributes. Owing to your different individual backgrounds, you're unlikely to match in these different areas a hundred percent. When you date someone or married to your partner without judging them or holding them in contempt for anything ultimately guarantees longevity in such marriage or relationship. The following are five major things you should never judge your partner by.

1. THE PAST: There is nothing as absolutely terrible as judging your partner by what they have done in the past or what they were before you guys met. Everybody has a past. You have yours too. Judging your partner by theirs would only

help you tear apart the love and bond that exists between both of you. You would not only be hurting your partner badly in the process, you will also be slowly killing the love that exist between both of you.

2. PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: When you make up your mind to love somebody and be with him or her, then there are some things about that person that person that you must let go even if you don't like particularly them. It could be their slight limp, bad eye, dull complexion, etc, you have to ignore these things and let them go. Besides, you can't change stuffs like that, can you? So, don't even bring up these kind of things with your partner and expect the person to be pleased with you. 

3. SIDE TALKS AND GOSSIPS: Definitely, nearly everyone who knows you and your partner would have one thing or the other to say about them. You must realize that not everybody will like your partner, no matter how much of a wonderful human being they are. They will have their own opinions of the person you're with and its quite okay to listen to them politely, but the truth is you are the only one who truly knows your partner inside out. What he or she thinks of you and how he/she treats you should be the most important thing. 

4. THE BODY COUNT: Don't you let it bother you that your partner may have slept with far more people than you have done and don't see it as a sign of recklessness on their part either. Don't you let this part of their relationship history scare you, what's important now is that he/she is with you and not with somebody else. And hopefully, you shall be his last bus stop. 

5. NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Don't you let their negative sides or flaws make you uncomfortable. The more you dwell on them, the more they begin to look like serious issues in your eyes and rubbing them in the face of the person you're with will certainly not make them happy. Judging your partner by their flaws would only rock the steady boat of your relationship/marriage.

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