Thursday, 7 December 2017


One of the longest running battles couples all over the world have had to contend with time and time again, is the issue of lack of sexual desire for each other. As couples grow together in marriage, sometimes, they begin to lack that desire to bond together sexually. A lot of factors can be attributed to this. It is no longer uncommon to hear Naija women say, 'I can't remember the last time my husband touched me. And when he does once in blue moon, he can be annoyingly selfish about it.To help couples who still desire each other physically and intimately and seek ways to improve their sex ,life, here are pretty simple ways to do so by using all of your five senses...

TOUCH: This is the most common trigger to initiate sex. Desire can only be sparked when the person you love or to whom you are attracted, touches you.You need to touch each other often. Sometimes, it could just be a little pat on her bum in the kitchen or even in the living room when the kids are not looking. It makes your partner feel desired when you do this. You can also get beautifully scented oil and massage your partner's body, this can lead to something even more exciting. 

HEARING:When she moans in pleasure, its a great cue for you to know you're pressing the right button. You could even try talking sweet nothings to her as she moans. Find out the sort of things she likes to hear from you when making love.Even telling him or her how she's making you feel can also be a great turn on in itself.

TASTE:   One of the mindful ways to explore taste during sex is, no, its not oral sex, its by bringing food as part of foreplay. If she loves chocolate or strawberry ice cream, then try bring them with you to the bedroom. Pour little drops on her sensitive body parts and then lick them off. It may look childish and extreme, but if you're feeling your sex life fall apart as a couple, perhaps what you need to do is try the unusual so you can get unusual results. 

SMELLING: Do you know your partner's body smell? If you do, do you like it? If your partner's body smell doesn't necessarily turn you on, then trying getting some really nice and well scented perfume that can bring you that sex appeal just by smelling it on your partner's body. Running your nose on her body, from her neck to her back for instance, might just be the turn on she needs to get into the groove of what you're about to bring to her. 

SEEING: This can take many forms, such as seeing your partner undress, or even watching her/him take his bath. You could offer to help dry your partner's body after a bath and you'll be surprised how just watching her naked back or front could really turn you on. This, of course, is the strongest of all the senses. People are naturally moved faster by what they see first, before the application of the other sense can come to play.

As a couple who've probably been married for a while, don't just back and watch your sex life collapse right before like a pack of badly arranged cards, do something about it. No matter how religious you are, no matter how conservative you may be, every marriage needs a flourishing sex life to stand the test of time. Its one of the greatest bonds that keeps the man and woman physically and spiritually bonded together.

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