Friday, 29 December 2017

Take Your Marriage / Relationship to a new level in 2018; Just do these 5 things... the 4th is key!

Its the end of another year and the beginning of a new one. For a lot of people, the past twelve months have been very difficult ones financially and emotionally. For couples, never in the history of our country has the marriage institution been under such a severe threat as this. While we're battling with the extremely harsh effects of the recession on one side, our marriage institution was under terrible siege on the other side. It was becoming common place to wake up in the morning to the news of either a man who just butchered his wife, or a wife who just ripped her husband's stomach apart in a fit of anger. Sad, isn't it? But, hey, here at Teekayspeaks, we are optimists and we guarantee you all of this would soon be put behind us. We will all begin to enjoy unending bliss in our relationships and unions again, but we have to start working on it from this minute. Surely, there are hundreds of marriages out there that are a bit far from being blissful, here are tips to help you turn your relationship around and take it to a whole new level next year.

*Resolve to make your marriage work. No one can make your marriage work for you but YOU. Every relationship or marriage comes with its own challenges, so long as you still love your partner and you're certain the feeling is mutual, then you must be determined to give it everything you've got. No matter what happens, fight for your marriage and tell yourself it can only get better.

*Resolve to stop doing those things your partner complains about. Stop the late night outs with friends, quit going over the nosy neighbour's place to spend the whole day gossiping, stop cheating and put an end to the side chicks (and the side dudes too), get a lot more physically intimate with your man like he's always wanted you to. Starting from this new year, do those things he wants, if its what will make him/her happy. Once your partner's happy, you'll be happy too. 

*Spend more time together. Truth is, if you guys don't spend enough time together, how would you be able to work on the grey areas in your relationship. The more time you spend together in the coming year, the more you get to understand each other and very easily thrash out issues that could've been a problem to solve.

*Communication is key. Work on your communication level, take it several notches higher in 2018. There's no point keeping mute or holding malice whenever you're bitter with your partner, it will do no one no good. If anything, it can only aggravate matters. Talk about your little issues. Let your partner know about how you're feeling about him/her and the relationship every step of the way. No holding back.

*This coming year, show a profound desire for your partner. Let him/her know how much you adore them. If your partner's wearing a new hairstyle or a gorgeous new dress, express your admiration and complement your partner. Nothing hurts a woman than when she spends hours at the salon looking good for her man, only for him to come into the house and hours after, he has not even taken notice of the new hair. Be more expressive this new year, but most especially, be more sexually expressive. Add spice to your relationship or marriage. 

Hopefully, these tips shall bring about amazing transformation in your relationship, that is all that we desire. Here's wishing you all a prosperous and blissful new year!!

*Communication is key.

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