Monday, 9 April 2018


This is one moment every woman dreads to face. There is nothing more absolutely torturing as waiting to have your own kids years after you got ,married. It is one hellish experience that no one would wish even on their worst enemy. If there is one monster that has the capacity to tear any marriage to shreds in a matter of minutes, it is delay in conception. Some women have been lucky to have survived the harrowing experience, while some others have not. Here are five tips that we think can help you cope well and deal with the trauma that comes with waiting on the Lord for your own children.

1. STAY CLOSE TO YOUR SUPPORT GROUP: When dealing with a situation like this, you must keep close to your support group which should definitely include your husband, your mum, sisters, and hopefully, your mother-in-law. It could also include your pastor and few prayer mates.These are the people whose shoulder you're sure will always be there for you to lean on. Whenever you're feeling low in spirit and depression is starting to overwhelm you, reach anyone that is available and lean on them. It always helps.

2. MAKE YOUR HUSBAND YOUR BEST FRIEND: Your husband, at this ;point, automatically becomes the
most important person in the world to you for obvious reasons. For one, he's the only man that can get you pregnant, so you can't afford to drift away from him. But more importantly, you guys need to bond even stronger than ever before. This will enable both of you, especially you in particular, to be strong in the face of the stigma and pressure that might be coming from his own people because you're yet to give them a child. Remember he's also going through his own pressures, so don't start picking quarrels with him or suspect his every move, thinking he's cheating on you, that's not going to help matters. Just keep loving him, be there for him so he can be strong for you and protect you from those who may want to hound you because of the situation.

3. TRUST IN GOD COMPLETELY: Do you really have any other choice? You have to believe in Him and trust that when the time is right, your own children will come. We have heard heard very stunning testimonies of couples who waited on the Lord for so many years, yet He never forgot about therm. Their babies finally came. Yours too will come if you pray hard and trust completely in Him. Don't you ever give up in God.

4. CONTINUE TO SEEK MEDICAL HELP:You must not stop trying every available medical option available to because you will never know the one that will work for you.Don't let the feeling of constant disappointment from failed medical attempts frustrate you and discourage you, keep on fighting, keep on believing something will work for you like it worked for others. The joy of carrying your own baby in your arms at the end of the day will be worth all the trouble. 

5. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH KIDS: Our mothers believe that when a woman is experiencing delay in conception and is desperate to have her own kids, it helps if she can bring into her home one or two kids, they could be her nieces or nephews, to live with her and her hubby. The belief is that, one, this will help reduce the pain of not having kids around you, and two, spiritually, it is believed kids have a way of attracting kids into a home that is yet to hear the cry of a baby. Try, it, it could just work for you.

6. CONSIDER ADOPTION: This is one option many couples shy away from. But it is a very effective one. When your kids are yet to arrive, having a child you can call your own, nit your nephew or niece, helps a great deal.  

7. SHUT YOUR EARS TO CALLOUS REMARKS: Some callous people around you will always make callous remarks about your situation. You must ignore these insensitive people, they only want to see you feeling ashamed and torn apart, do not give them that joy. Tell yourself they can mock and laugh at you all they want now, but your own moment of glory will come soon. And that time, they will be the one to hide their faces in shame.

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  1. Marriage is 0rdained by God. lt is the only approved way by God, for sexual relationship between a man & woman. Any other sexual relationship outside marriage is either adultery 0r fornication. The reward for marriage is children. Sex between husband & wife is compulsory for babies to be born, but that sexual relationship do not produce BABIES but GOD decides who to give child, after SEX. Jeremiah. 1. 5. God has the final say in children born into the world