Wednesday, 18 April 2018


The issue of trust has always been a recurring decimal in every relationship. At one point or the other in your relationship or marriage, there will be question marks regarding the trust you have in your man. Men are often guilty of misplacing the trust their women have for them. Women, of course are not totally clean of distrust issues, but men are most culpable. Below are seven clear signs that should tell you whether you can trust your man with your heart or not.

1. UNCLEAR EXPLANATIONS: If he suddenly starts coming home late from work almost everyday and he can't give very clear and reasonable answer why this is so, then you need to start watching him closely. Once he starts fumbling with words after failing to come take you out for dinner as promised and its not his third or fourth time, you can't continue to trust him.

2. HE IS NEVER THERE WHEN YOU NEED HIM: Once you find that each time you need him to be there for you whenever you're going through some difficult moments and he's too busy to care about your situation, and you realized he's done this many times before, then he is no longer deserving of your trust.

3. SECRETIVE WITH PHONE CALLS: If your guy has suddenly made it a habit to always get up to receive phone calls or read text messages, he certainly has something to hide. He shouldn't have a problem answering his calls in your presence if he has nothing he's hiding from you. 

4: BUSY AT ODD HOURS: You should begin to worry and know you can no longer trust your man if he appears to be always busy at odd hours. If all of a sudden, he works in the 'office' till 12 midnight or even beyond, you should start asking questions. If his weekends are no longer free and you barely spend time with him again, you should begin to demand serious explanations from him. He has betrayed your trust. 

5. YOU DO NOT KNOW HIS FRIENDS: When guys want to be mischievous sometimes, they deliberately won't let their woman know their circle of friends. This will make it difficult for the woman to track them via his friends. She won't be able to call anyone to know her husband's movement or location.

6: TAKES FOREVER TO RETURN CALLS OR TEXTS: He has no reason not to be able to take out time out of his busy schedule to return your calls and reply text messages.Sure he could be in a meeting, but when this begins to happen too often, then you have cause to worry.

7. ALWAYS HANGING OUT WITH OTHER GIRLS: When people start telling you they always see him hanging with different babes and you eventually catch him a few times yourself, then know he can't be trusted.This one no longer cares about you, otherwise he won't be hanging out with women shamelessly not caring about how you'll feel.

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