Thursday, 12 April 2018


Long distance relationships can be extremely difficult to keep alive. In fact, sometimes, they can be extremely frustrating. Whether the couples are married or not, the strain and pain are more or less the same. Unfortunately, not many long distance relationships have ended well. Going by human nature, the longer people stay apart, the more difficult it becomes to keep the flames of their love burning. Here are 7 tips that can help you keep that long distance relationship going strong.

1. COMMUNICATE ALL THE TIME: Talk about everything that's on your mind. With long distance relationships, feelings of insecurities are bigger because you can't see or monitor each other. So you need to communicate often and get to discuss problems weighing on your mind.

2. DO VIDEO CHATS: This certainly will help. You can both agree on a day or time that you can do video chats.This is a lot stronger than just calling or texting. It allows room for face to face interaction. This makes it feel as though you guys not really far away from each other.

3. GET YOUR SEXTING ON: You can also spice up communication level by doing a lot of 'sexting.' Keep your love messages erotic and romantic. Get really deep with each other sexually by reliving your memorable love making moments together. Tell your partner the part of his or her body that you miss the most and why.  

4. BE MORE AFFECTIONATE: You can't be physically intimate but you can still be affectionate. Show your partner how much you care from afar. Say sweet words of compliments. Let your partner know how  much you miss them and can't wait to be in their arms again. 

5. KEEP A POSITIVE MINDSET: If you go into a long distance relationship dreading how it will be, then you have more or less set up yourself for failure. You must keep a positive head head about it and believe in yourself that it will work if you keep at it. This way, when little problems come up, you will be able to deal with them.

6. KNOW EACH OTHER'S SCHEDULES: Its very important you know each other's schedules, like when your partner's at work or sleeping. This will help so that you know when to call and when your partner isn't picking, you have an idea why that is so.. That way, you won't get upset when you're not getting a response to your calls or messages.

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