Sunday, 2 December 2018


Whether you admit it or not, your pretty young daughter is fast growing up. And she's turning really hot and shapely too. She's in her teens and you're starting to get apprehensive about how much she's learning about her femininity and how much attention she's starting to get from the opposite sex. And, indeed, you should be apprehensive. With the sort of scary incidences we find happening around us in Naija these days, especially with rape incidences on the rise, every parent should be worried about the safety of their girl child. All sorts of predators are out there waiting to pounce on innocent girls. Only a few weeks ago, a young girl was raped to death by a man and his son. In our higher institutions lately, raping appears to have become the order of the day. As a mother and parent, you feel compelled to do something to protect your girl and get her warning signals running when she comes across men who's only intention is to defile her while pretending to be harmless and friendly. Here are few tips to help you protect your daughter and keep her away from situations that could turn really nasty for her.

*Be her friend. Most mothers do not realize how key this is in developing a good mother/ daughter relationship. They're often too busy playing the strict mum and getting their girl too scared of them. But its more important that you're friends with her. Sit down with her and gist with her. Get to know her a lot more than you think you do. Know her interests, her dreams, her passion. Discuss with her favourite actress, her favourite singer, do stuffs together with her and before you know it you've both become great friends. That way, she'll be able to discuss just about anything with you. If a guy in the neighbourhood's been stalking her and stopping her to chat her up anytime she steps out of the house, she will tell you. If it's an adult neighbour who's been making passes at her, telling her she's beautiful and promising her heaven and earth, she would most likely want to share it with mummy first because she can relate with you at that level.

*Always remind her how beautiful she is and how proud you are of her. This is very important. A lot of parents do not ever remember to compliment their daughter and let them know how beautiful they think she is and how proud they are of her. Problem with this is that if you don't tell her and some other guy with really bad motive tells her, she may likely fall for his advances because its not often that somebody tells her she's pretty. And when she starts thinking the guy, who could probably be a much older adult, truly cares about her, that's when the real problem starts...

*Be firm and honest with her. When you're dealing with issues with your daughter, you must be firm and straight forward with her. Let her know where you stand on issues and and be very honest with her. When it is not necessary, do not pamper her or overlook her excesses. If she over stays at a friend's place or brings a friend, particularly male, over to the house without first seeking your approval, you should let her know how upset you are with her, 

*Scold her when you have to. We are not saying you should spank your daughter  anytime she errs, but you should scold her and remind her there are ground rules in the house. Let her know there are lines she cannot cross, which probably includes going on a date with a guy when she should be in school or in church. 

*Guide her sense of fashion. Yes, we know these young ladies can be extremely wild sometimes when it comes to fashion, so as a parent, you must guide them. Whether we admit it or not, some of our girls have actually attracted to themselves rapists who may probably not have taken notice of them if they were not showing too much of boobs or bumbum. We must enlighten them on the need to always be decently dressed at all times.

*Know her friends. You must have an idea the sort of friends your baby girl is keeping. You must be able to tell if the friends she keeps are the sort who would be of positive influence on her, or the sort that could get her into all manner of trouble. 

*Discuss sex with her. This is the part most parents shy away from. But its one you cannot run away from. Discussing sex education with your child is very key to protecting her, guiding her and helping her have a better understanding of her sexuality and what her body should represent to her, as against what it means to boys and men. She must realize that her body is golden, a treasure she must preserve, and not something that's there for different guys to come take a bite from and move on.

Fear of God. Bring up your child in the way of God. Whether you're a Muslim or Christian, teach your child the ways of the Lord, guide them to have their own relationship and passion for God, that way, they would become scared to do things contrary to His will. Once your daughter knows God, loves God and fears Him, every other thing will start to fall in place.

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  1. This is very educating. Funny enough, once you don't teach them what they ought to know the society will teach them what isn't right