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I was standing in front of them, feeling as though I was completely naked before them. Hard as I tried to appear unruffled and un-intimidated by their aparenace, I couldn't quite achieve that. I simply lacked the courage to put up a bold front, everyone of the robbers could see I was barely able to stand on my legs, the poor things were quivering so hard you could almost hear them knocking against each other. Inside me, I continued to pray “…the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want…”
“You!” the Capone turned to me. “Where are the others? Where's everybody?”
“There's…there's no one else here except me and my daughter,” I answered, my voice visibly shaking.
“Your husband nko?” one of the other three asked. They were already busy ransacking the house, except for the Capone that was talking to me.
“He's not…he's not around, he's travelled,” I responded.
“Where is your daughter?”
I pointed to my daughter's room. “In there, she's sleeping. Please don't harm her, she's only a baby. You can take anything you want but please don't harm me and my daughter.” I pleaded with them, tears already starting to well up in my eyes.
The Capone regarded me for a brief spell and then turned to his boys.
“Hey, guys, search everywhere, every corner, and be sure there's no one else in here. But let me warn you, woman, if they find that you've been lying to us, consider yourself dead, you understand?”
I nodded frantically, hoping and praying to find I'd only been dreaming all the while, that this was nothing but a terrible nightmare. Less than a minute after, the guys emerged one after the other from different rooms.
“Nobody dey here, Capone,” they assured the guy whom I'd come to realize was their leader.
“Okay, now madam, what do you have for the boys? How much do you have in the house?” Capone asked me.
It was then I realized I didn't have much money in the house. In fact, all I had left on me was less than fifteen thousand naira. And I began to tremble even more.
“Please Sir, all I have in this house is just about fifteen thousand naira, I don't have money in the house, please I beg you in the name of God…”I was on my knees now, pleading to them.
“Fifteen thousand naira? Wetin we go do with that one?” Capone spat, his voice laced with unmistakable anger.
“Listen woman, you think we're looking for money to buy popcorn or what? Bring out better money for us or you won't like what we'll do to you o!”
“Please sir, I swear to you sir, I'm telling the truth, I don't have…”
“What about jewelleries, gold, don't you have any to give us?” the tall one that called me a goddess asked.
“I'm…I'm not a jewellery person, sir, I don't have any…”
“Ssssh! It's okay!”, Capone snapped at me. “Since you say you don't have money, and we don't need your fifteen thousand naira, then you must be willing to give us the only thing you have! Boys, take off her night gown and lay her on the couch for me!”
That very moment, I very nearly passed out. Everything around me seemed to be spinning and I began to feel sort of dizzy in the head. I felt one of them grab my hand, pulling me close to the couch that was not too far away from me. And my entire frame started to tremble, and deep in my heart I began to pray and wish this was nothing but a terrible nightmare… But then, the reality was that it wasn't a nightmare, it was for real. I was actually going to be raped by a gang of armed robbers!
“P-please…please….sir, I beg you in the name of God, please spare me,” I was pleading with them passionately. By now, I had thrown open the flood gates of my eyes and the tears were coursing down my face intensely.
“See, you're only wasting your time and ours too, let's do what we want to do and move on with our business!” the Capone said to me. Even as he spoke, he was already unbuckling his belt and closing in on me. I shuddered at the thought of what was about to happen to me. In desperation, I yanked my hands free from the grip of the guys holding me and went promptly on my knees right in front of their leader.
“Please, sir, for the sake of my little girl, please don't do this to me, I beg you”, the tears were running ceaselessly down my face. But I was only wasting my time. He wasn't even paying the least attention to me, he just went on trying to undo his jean trouser. Even when I tried to grab his legs and hold onto them and plead for mercy, he stepped back, moving away from my reach. It was when he pulled down his jean and let it drop at his feet and I came face to face with perhaps the largest and longest black manhood I'd ever seen that I realized I was in deep, deep trouble. It occurred to me to start shouting but quickly realized it would be an exercise in futility. No one would come to my rescue, the whole building seemed surrounded by the robbers and there were apparently still a handful of them robbing other apartments. So, what could I possibly achieve if I started shouting? The only thing I could possibly achieve was draw the wrath of the Capone. He was already livid with me for not having anything valuable in the house that they could go away with. There was no telling what he could do to me if I put up the most feeble of resistance. And like a ram led to the slaughter slab, I just closed my eyes and began praying inside, hoping a miracle would happen and the earth would open up and swallow me, or better still, swallow these animals! But that never happened…
One after the other, the bastards took me. They defiled me and made nonsense of my prized possession as a woman. By the time they were done, blood was streaming down from my private part. I'd been brutally torn inside out by these animals and they just couldn't give a hoot what became of me even as I writhed in excruciating pain on the floor as they took their leave.
I'd been to the hospital. After a series of tests I was certified okay by the doctor who attended to me. I have been trying to put the nightmare behind me, but it's been far from easy. Almost every night when I close my eyes to sleep, I see those sons of Lucifer. My mind plays back everything that happened and I become terrified all over again, as though it only just happened. Now, my husband is beginning to suspect something's wrong with me. The few times he's tried to make love to me after the incident, I became uncomfortable, even unwell and he's not finding the whole situation the least amusing. He's been asking questions, he's demanding answers. Dear readers, should I tell him what happened or keep it a secret for the rest of my life? To the men out there, what do you advise, will you still love me if I were your wife? Please help me, I'm dying inside

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