Tuesday, 28 February 2017

What you need as a single searching is not a "Wife" material but a partner that will turn you to a great material, a wife that will encourage you to be a great achiever
It may sound crazy, but that's what you should desire from a wife
When you take the "W" out and replace it with "L", you will find out that there is some thing greater than "Wife", which you need from a woman.

Every marriage needs life to survive not a just the wife.
See your wife as a "life" not only as a "wife" and your marriage will definitely live long.
"Wife material" can do all the cooking in the world and still watch the marriage die, but a "Life material" may not be the best cook, but will make sure the marriage never dies.

Don`t just get a wife material and lose your life material. A good woman is better than silver and Gold..including the rubies and other precious stones.
A woman committed to you will not leave you miserable but a woman who only loves you can walk away at anytime when the love withers.
May the joy of the Lord be with you

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