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She'd almost fallen asleep when she was jolted into full consciousness by gunshot sounds coming from the big screen in the living room. Her only child yet, Junior, had drifted into sleep while watching his favourite action movie. It was when she threw a frantic glance at the elegant looking gold framed wall clock inches away from her that she realized it was exactly twelve thirty a.m. and Dave, her husband, wasn't home from work yet! Stella let out an exasperated sigh. It irked her to imagine she'd been sitting on the staircase leading from their living room to the upper floor for over two hours waiting for Dave. She'd called his line ceaselessly but it was switched off. Last time they spoke earlier in the day, he'd snapped at her on the phone when she asked to know when he would be home. That wasn't a strange scenario between them. Not anymore. Snapping at her and returning home late from the office have since become a regular feature in their less than four year old marriage.
It was not always like this. Theirs had all the elements of a marriage made in heaven. Dave loved her to bits, which was why their courtship barely lasted seven months before they got married. And even after they were married and had Junior, his love for her soared as he loved and protected fiercely his wife and son. Shortly after Junior came, he moved them into this magnificent home in Lekki. Without a doubt, she had wealth and comfort at her beck and call, but most importantly, she had a man who loved her and considered her the most significant thing in his life. But things have since changed. Dave is no longer the man he used to be, he's no longer the man Stella fell in love with. Gone are those days when he showered her with love and affection, and made her thank her stars endlessly for bringing her a man who’s given her nothing but absolute joy and happiness. For months now, Dave has been a different man. He snaps at her over every little thing and seldom touches dinner most nights when he returns late from work. Sometimes, he'd sit with her in the room yet his mind wanders far away, almost as though she wasn't even there. Stella had asked him more than a few times if there was a problem, terribly worried that the gulf between her and her husband was getting wider with each passing day, still Dave insists there was nothing. But it's obvious he no longer loves her like he used to, as far as Dave was concerned, the love between them was dead. Yet, he says there's nothing wrong! So, what could it be? Why would a man who once loved her to pieces suddenly begin to treat her like she was merely a part of the furniture? What in heavens’ could've gone wrong? She was still searching for answers when she heard Dave drive in. Minutes later, with his own key, he opened the door and stepped into the room. He was surprised when he found Stella sitting on the stairs.
''What are you doing still awake?'' he asked her. There really was no genuine concern in his voice, he'd only asked because he felt he owed her the responsibility to do so.
''Waiting for you,'' Stella replied, concealing her anger at the fact that he was asking an obvious question.
Dave took a long puzzled look at her. ''Is that why you're crying?'' he'd thrown at her. That was when Stella realized she'd been weeping. The tears were silently coursing down her face.
But even that didn't make any difference to Dave, he dropped his bag on the dining table and began to ascend the stairs.
''Where...where are you going, Dave?'' Stella asked, wiping her tears with the back of her hand.
''To bed, of course!''
Stella watched him as he climbed the stairs past her and made to go inside. ''Who is she, Dave?'' she'd thrown at him.
Dave stopped in his tracks. He looked back. ''Sorry, what did you just say?'' he'd shot back at her.
Again, she wiped tears from her eyes. ''This woman, Dave, that's turned you against me and killed your love for me, who is she?''
She could've been talking to herself for all the attention Dave gave to her. He simply beamed her a wry smile, shook his head and walked away. And, Stella, this time, threw open the gates of her eyes and let the tears come tumbling down....
The above is a true life story, as told by the lady herself. Stella is not alone in this situation, this is one sad story every woman can possibly relate to. This week, we're looking at the factors that could make love die in a marriage. Why would a man who once loved his wife to death suddenly shut his door of affection on her face? What could make the love between them die an unnatural death? This is one subject that's so very dear to my heart, and I guess it's because I've seen quite a number of marriages and relationships collapse on account of this. What's your view on this subject? Why do you think some men will suddenly stop loving their wives? Reach us and let's talk about it.
Beautiful article written by my colleague Wale Lawal
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