Sunday, 8 October 2017


A lot of couples are quick to just give up when marriage and relationship issues arise. This is a major reason for the failure of many marriages and relationships today! Relationships require a lot of patience, understanding, love, tolerance and good communication. There will always be issues to deal with in every relationship you get into no matter how sweet it starts or how rosy it promises to be. 

Several  times we admire couples on social media as well as celebrities who flaunt
a very romantic and seemingly rosy relationships, we  admire some of them to the point of wishing and praying to be them, not even just like them. But the bitter truth is, it is never as rosy as it seems. A lot of work, patience, understanding, maturity and tolerance must have been invested into the relationship which brings out that beautiful, glaring union.

For the singles, never wish for nor expect a flawless partner because it does not exist, rather settle for one that complements you; one whose excesses you can tolerate.
Already married? You have tried and things still do not get better? The following may be useful to you:
•    Never give up when it gets tough
•    Always support your partner in his/her weakness
•    Learn to tolerate
•    Pray for the courage to change the flaws you can change in your partner, the patience to tolerate the things you cannot change in him/her, and the wisdom to know the difference between them.
•    Avoid always being defensive of yourself, accept flaws when you should.
•    Never give up in struggling to improve on your flaws. Let your efforts show and be seen.
•    Never let anything come in-between the love you share with your spouse. Not even materials things, nor friends, family and career, and not even his/her flaws.
•    Pray always and let God rule in your marriage
 In summary, if you desire a happy and blissful marriage or relationship, you got to work for it. Work together through the good and also the bad times with one another.

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