Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Another brand new year just kicked off and, traditionally, many of us have gathered together our new year resolutions for 2018. We have listed some of those little vices we know we have got to drop and resolve to do some new stuffs that would make us look better, feel better and happier with ourselves this new year. But the question is, the resolutions you came up with last year, for how long did you manage to keep them - a day, a week, a month? This year mustn't go same way. Here are 5 ways that you can adopt to help you keep your resolutions this year. And they're sure pretty easy ways.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: A lot of times when people try to
come up with new year resolutions, they attempt to do a total overhaul of their lifestyle, and that might be a bit of a task. It is understandable that at this time of the year you want to strive for improvement, but you must focus or one or two of your goals first and then begin to take it one step at a time. 

CHOOSE CAREFULLY: You may have a bit of difficulty choosing the few ones that are most important, but we will advise you choose the ones that will make the greatest impact on your life and bring you joy, e.g, quit double dating or cheating on your partner, quit smoking, quit lying, etc. It could even be losing weight, that would make you happy too. 

SET REALISTIC GOALS: One of the reasons why most of us fail tio keep up with our resolutions is that we often times do not set realistic goals. Consider your previous experience with resolutions and set pretty realistic goals that you know are achievable if you put your mind to it. 

HAVE A TIME FRAME: Buy a calendar or diary so you can plan your action in thje coming weeks or months to help you assess your short term progress. This will help keep you on track and will be your barometer for success. You can decide how often you want to evaluate your progress.

DON'T GIVE UP: You must bear in mind that there will be a little slip ups once in a while, it is inevitable, but you must not be discouraged or use it as an excuse to give up. You will need to draw on your reserves of self-belief and strength so you don't give up on your aspirations. Temptations will always come to drop your resolutions and move on with your life as though you never made any resolutions in the first place. Remember, do not give up, no matter what, fight and stick to your resolutions.

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