Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Yes, its the start of a new year and most ladies are desperately seeking for ways to rekindle their relationships and make it even tighter. Every woman who profoundly cares about her man will surely be looking for ways to make things a whole lot better between them. What a woman wants is a man who'll love her sweetly and treat her like a woman. Unfortunately, sometimes, we don't get to enjoy any of these from the boys, so how do you go about it? Try these very simple ways to get your man happy with you and loving you more this 2018.

Compliment him. If you have not been used to complimenting your man before now, now is the time to start. Tell him he looks good when he looks good, and when he's not exactly looking dashing, still tell him he looks good all the same. Its not only ladies who love
to be complimented. 

Appreciate him. Show true gratitude. Tell him how much you appreciate all that he has been doing for you and for the family, and maybe for your family too (your parents and siblings). That will put some smile on his face and make him feel really appreciated. 

He likes nice gifts too. When you go out to get some stuffs for yourself, get him something too, something that you know he would really like. This will show to him how much you love and think of him. 

Set the bedroom on fire. Let the fireworks go up in between the sheets. This is really key. For a lot of men, if you can give to them the sexual excitement they're seeking for outside, they might just totally drop the idea of having a side chick and devote all his time and affection for you.

Be very supportive of everything he loves. If you know your man is absolutely crazy about his career, then give him more support than you have ever given him. If he has an unbridled passion for sports, support him as well. If he's one of those guys who love to be alone sometimes to think and be creative, give him space in the house and support him which ever you can.


  1. Marriage is ordained by God between a man & a woman. lt is the only approved way for sexual enjoyment for the couples, & also conception & bearing of children. Any sexual relationship between a man & a woman outside marriage is either fornication 0r adultery. It is written, He who finds a wife finds a good thing & obtains favour from God. lt is also written, What God joins together let no man put asunder. The dogma of for better for worse, is mans' addition to God's Word. A marriage in which the heart

  2. of the man 0r the woman is a prison yard cannot stand. Marriage is built on trust, care, love, patience, understanding, & above all fear of God.