Sunday, 21 January 2018


Every woman strives to get their relationship going on a roller coaster, but they also do realize that the only way to possibly achieve that is to keep their guy happy. Once the man is happy, everybody in the house is happy, right? From the kids to the mum, everyone is smiling because 'Oga' is happy. But seriously, it can be a helluva job keeping a man happy in the relationship/marriage all the time. Don't get us wrong, its not that men are difficult to please, but then, just like women, they do have their own mood swings and temperament as well. Here are seven things we figure a woman must NEVER DO if she's serious about keeping her man happy all the time.

1. DISPLAYING JEALOUSY ALWAYS: Yeah, we know this one is not easy, abi? When a woman loves a guy, she can't but be jealous once in a while. No wahala, but when its too often, then wahala dey. Going through his phone, question his every move, sneering at every female you see him talking to, all of these can make a good man turn mad at you and eventually walk away if care is not taken.

NOT KEEPING PROMISES: Women always expect men to keep to their words, so its okay for men to expect same from women. If you tell him you'll go on a date with him, don't go back on your word. If you promise you'll meet him at home for 6 p.m, don't disappoint him by showing up 9 p.m. or not showing up at all. All of these would just make you irresponsible to him and he could become very displeased with you.

3. BEING BOSSY: This one is a no-go area. Don't be a 'Margaret Thatcher' over your man. It is good for a woman to speak her mind but you must not go over board. Respect him, speak with him with a lot of affection and don't you ever scream at him or order him around in public.

4. OFFENDING HIS FRIENDS: When you're dating or married to a man, it can take a while before you get to understand the history of his relationship with his friends. Some of them may have come a long way with and they've gone through a lot in life together. He may really value his relationship with them a lot more than you can imagine, if you now begin to offend these very special friends of his, calling them hangers-on or bad influence, my sister, your guy won't smile won't you o!

5. INSULTING HIS MOTHER: Abeg, you're on your own o! You have crossed the line. The average African or Naija man would not take this lightly with you, he is going to be far from unhappy. My advice? Just call your momsy that you could be coming home soon to spend some time with them, then five days after you've stayed with them, call her aside and tell her what you've done!

6. BREAKING HIS TRUST: One of the fastest ways to make a man unhappy with you is to break his trust. If he trusts you to keep a secret or trusts you to be faithful to him like he's been to you, and you let him down, he may never forgive you. And don't tell your man lies. Don't lie to people around him either, he will start wondering if you're the right woman for him. 

7. SPEAKING DOWN AT HIM: Naija babes are often guilty of this, especially if the bobo no longer has 'cash' like he used to. Once it appears the man is no longer doling out and spending money on her, the woman may begin to talk down at him even in public, because in her eyes, he no longer commands the respect he used to command when the koko was loaded in his pockets. No man likes a man who speaks disrespectfully at him, he certainly won't be happy with you.

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