Thursday, 11 January 2018

Stop! Watch out for these 5 warning signals before saying I do

Marriage is beautiful. Marriage can be heavenly. But this can only happen when you get it right from the start. Marriage requires utmost caution when going into it. You have to be certain you're heading into it with the right partner otherwise, you're probably in for one hell of a tortuous experience. The following a few warning signals you must watch out for before plunging into marriage with the one you call Apple of your eyes.

UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: Does your partner have unrealistic expectations of you? Is she, for instance, getting married to you simply because she believes you have the prospect of hitting it big time a couple of years into your marriage? Or, is he thinking because you come from an affluent home your family would do him some huge financial favours as a son-in-law? Once you spot that these appears to be your partner's expectations, and not that she/he genuinely loves you, stop and do a rethink, marrying him/her might not be such as good idea, it will surely boomerang at some point.

EXTREME INCOMPATIBILITIES: A lot of people make the mistake of going ahead to marry someone who holds very strong opposing views to theirs. For instance, how can you possibly not have issues in your marriage with somebody who hates going to church with a passion, while you on the other hand, delight being in church. You like sex, she doesn't care about it. You like to plan and spend sensibly, she likes to spare no cost to look good and impress. You prefer to keep issues between both of you private, she enjoys taking your private matters to her family and outsiders. When you have disagreements, you talk to her quietly, respectfully, she yells back at you saying disrespectful things. When your partner has these qualities, put a pause on that wedding plan and think again!

HIS/HER FAMILY DESPISE YOU: You simply cannot dance around this one, it will take a miracle for it to suddenly disappear. The moment you notice your partner's family despise you either because you do not have loaded pockets or simply because you do not match their social status, don't rush into anything yet, don't think they might change their opinion of you after you get married to their son/daughter because they may not. So, what happens then? This is a big warning signal, don't you ignore it.

HE/ SHE IS STILL MUMMY'S GIRL: This one will continue to give you serious headache. Every single moment, she/he will keep running to mummy to download all that's happening between both of you. His/ her mummy listens to all the gist, takes side with her child when there are issues and then gives very negative advice. She pokes her nose into your affairs and pretends she's trying to sort things out between you guys. Watch out! This one is a Leech, when you get married to her child, she won't give you peace! Still wanna rush into that marriage? 

HOW DEEP IS HER/HIS LOVE?: Can you offer an answer to this question? How much can you vouch for your partner's love for you? Are you really sure he/she loves you just as much as you love him/her? Are you the one forcing your partner to love you like you love him/her? If that's the case with you, then we've got bad news for you, it won't last for long. You can't force anyone to give you what they don't have.

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