Friday, 23 March 2018


It is not just enough to climb your wife in the middle of the night, thrust in and out of her a few times and call that love making, it has to be better than that. Lets face it, there are lots of marital issues we encounter as couples that we may not have encountered if we had bonded better as a couple. Bonding between couples takes out a lot of friction, it makes the marriage a lot more fun and sustains the marriage for as long as you desire to keep it. And one of the best ways to achieve this is through a satisfying love making session with your partner. When a woman is thoroughly satisfied with her man in bed, she stays happy and grows closer emotionally with her man, and that's how the bonding between them gets stronger. But to start with, how can you satisfy your wife sexually to create a stronger bond between both of you? Here are a few tips that can help... 

1. GO DOWN ON HER: If all else fails, this usually works. If you're having a hard time getting your woman warmed up for the act, just go down on her, with your head buried in between her thighs and spend a great deal of time there. Almost always, this would get her all fired up and ready for you.

2. TAKE TIME DURING FOREPLAY: Most men are terribly guilty of this. They just
hurry up with the foreplay and forget all about the feelings of the woman they are with. As a rule, during love making, you must never disregard your wife's feelings. Just because you're up and ready to 'fire' doesn't mean she's ready too. Take your time before penetration and both of you will enjoy sex a lot more.

3. IDENTIFY HER EROGENOUS ZONES: Different women have different erogenous zones. It could be the back of her neck, it could be her ear lobes, her nipples, her lips, her navel, you just have to find out what it is and use it to your advantage. When you need to arouse her faster and make her enjoy you the more, these are the zones you must seek and work on.

4. DON'T JUST ROLL OVER AND SLEEP: Yes, its a good sign when you get a sound sleep after a great sex with your wife, but you must hold on for a while, talk and gist with her before rolling over to sleep. Compliment her for satisfying you sexually, appreciate her beautiful body and tell her you're glad it's all yours and nobody else. You can even sort out little squabbles you had a day or two ago in bed. 

5. DON'T BE TOO SELFISH: Put your woman's sexual needs above yours always. If you know she prefers a long foreplay, the long fore play it will be. If you know she gets turned on fast when you give her a great head down there, then a great head it will be. 

6. EXPERIMENT ALL THE TIME: This one goes out to all couples out there. Variety, they say all the time, is the spice of life. Do not stick with the missionary style all the time, try out something new, you'll be surprised how much your wife would love it. And who told you that you must always do it in the kitchen?

7. PLAY WITH HER BODY: The fact that you're inside her doesn't stop you from playing with the rest of her body. Rub your hands all over her body while you're inside her. Kiss her, bite her nipples, do exciting stuffs oin her, and you can bet your wife will be asking for more.

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