Wednesday, 14 March 2018


It surely is not one of the easiest things to do. Moving on from finding out about your partner's infidelity can be a really big deal. Some never can move on, the experience shatters them into pieces and they watch their marriage crumble right before their very eyes. Nothing can be as painful as knowing that your lover whom you cared for the most in the world betrayed you by destroying the beautiful world both of you had built together. But the fact remains that you have got to move on, so long as you still want to keep your marriage together and alive. If you have been cheated on and you have found the strength to forgive your partner for all the heartbreak he caused you, you still need to do a few things to prevent the incident from destroying your marriage. Here are five ways we think you can prevent the messy situation from getting into you and affecting your relationship. 

1.Do an honest self appraisal of your actions: We are not saying you are to blame for what happened, but the truth is that marriage is a two person job. Could there be something you did or you didn't do that left your man with no other choice but to seek affection elsewhere? Did you often snap or yell at your man? Were you often complaining that you were to tired to fulfill your responsibilities as his woman in bed, like many Naija wives do often? Or could it be you ignored him by paying too much attention on, may be, you career, business, the children, church activities, etc?You have to sincerely ask yourself the question, where did I go wrong? That way, you can do your own part to ensure you don't let some other woman grab hold of your man again. 

2. Stop bringing up the past: This might be very difficult, but you must tell
yourself you have to put it behind you for the marriage to move forward. Yes, it still hurts. And it will continue to hurt if you continue to think about it and bring it up each time you and your spouse have a little argument.But, more than anything else, you will be inviting doomsday to your  marriage if you don't let go of the past. 

3. You must make efforts to make it work: It can be very tough to simply forgive your partner for daring to share his heart, his affection and most importantly his body, which should be your exclusive property, with another woman. Ask yourself sincerely, what was he looking for in that other woman? Did she dress better than you do? Was she a far more attractive woman who made sure she took care of her body, kept her hair glittering all the time and never turned your husband down whenever he wanted to make love and these were things you always took for granted? Find honest answers to these questions and you may have saved yourself the pain of going through another emotional trauma in future. 

4. Don't make comparisons: This is very important. Do not compare your man with any other man. Do not look at him like some other men around that you know are better than him because you think they don't cheat on their spouse, wait until their wives catch them too, you'll be shocked at the the things they've done to their wives. Adore your man, treat like he is the world to you. Let him know that. despite all that's happened, you have forgiven him and he still remains the best guy you've ever known and the only one for you. 

5. For the sake of your relationship or marriage, you have to truly and completely forgive him. No matter how difficult this may be for you to do, you've gotto let go of the pain and move on. If you do not do this, you may never be truly happy in that marriage and this could send your man running into the arms of another woman again. , and all of these

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