Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Love, they say, makes the world go round. That is true. But, may we add that sex too makes your love go round. Think about it, what do you think could happen to your relationship, especially marriage, if sex is missing in it? How on earth do you think your marriage can survive if your sex life has literally become non-existent? Without a doubt, such marriage is merely sitting on a keg of gun powder, just like PMB's relationship with Nigerians, if care is not taken, in just a matter of time, everything will go up in smoke. But lets leave Buhari for now. Lets talk about something really important. Sex is key to every marriage. You can't trivialize it. You can't ignore it. Like we said in an earlier post, it is one of the fastest and strongest ways for couples to bond together. Dismiss sex and, trust us, you'll be doing so at your own peril...Here are few things you might have to contend with if sex is missing in your marriage.

1. YOU BARELY TALK: This is usually one of the most natural thing that will happen when, as a couple, you don't make love to each other. Your communication level grows thinner by the day. Because there's no affection going on between both of you, you can't gist together, you can't crack jokes, you can't even play with each other. And this sort of situation can only spell doom for your marriage.

2. YOU SILENTLY DESPISE EACH OTHER: This is quite an unfortunate development that you will have on your hands if sex is lacking in your marriage. You both would soon begin to despise the other. This is because, as long as you both stay away from each other sexually, you both will be imagining that your partner definitely is having his or her own sexual fill elsewhere, with somebody else, since you both haven't touched each other in a long while. And you're almost certain your partner is getting it from somebody else! Well, this may not be true, for now atleast, but it may soon be if you continue to punish each other sexually. When things get this bad between couples, then its time one or both of them come back to their senses before something terrible happens. 

3. YOU GROW APART: Naturally, if you're not bonding sexually, and you only talk to each other when its extremely important to do so, then certainly, you both would start to grow apart. You will no longer be interested in each other's lives. You don't want to know what your partner's doing in his or her career, you simply can't be bothered! That is not a good sign. But it is sure to happen when you're no longer setting the bedroom on fire. 

4. WAITING FOR EACH OTHER'S MISTAKES: All you're looking for is to get at one another. Criticize one another. Yell at one another. Because you're not bonding together anymore and you rarely play with each other, then you start looking for every small opportunity to vent your anger and frustration on each other. In a situation like this, its only when you guys decide to call for a cease fire and make up with great sex that this problem can disappear otherwise, it will just remain a permanent feature in your marriage.

5. TENSION IN THE HOME: There will constantly be tension. Lack of sex brings coldness. Both of you may want the other badly, but your ego is too big to let you say, 'darling, pls lets stop this nonsense, I want you badly.' You can't say these few simple words, so the tension continues. But you're not happy inside and you know it. Do you want things to continue this way? This choice is yours. 

6. YOUR LOVE BEGINS TO WANE: You know what they say about love and hate, that only a thing line separates them. Now, things may not have gone so terribly bad that you now hate your partner, but the truth is, you're starting to love him/her less by the day. You know its not a good thing, but you can't help it. Because you haven't been in each other's arms for a while now, you feel unloved, you feel lonely. Now, here's the bad news, you could really start to hate your partner if you let things continue this way. So, put your ego aside and do the right thing --go meet your partner in the bedroom, lock the door behind you, take of your clothes and simply say,"I can't take this anymore, sweetheart, I'm dying inside and I need now more than I ever needed you." Trust us, give this a try and the rainbow will come shining in your marriage again. Best of luck!

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