Saturday, 26 November 2016

Motivational Write up by Angela Uyi- titled LIFE ALL IN

A while ago I was thinking to myself, what is this life all about… Than it hit me! It’s not about the looks, the strength or the cool tricks that you’ll ilearn but it’s about being proud of your way of life! How you live your life determines your outcome and your self-worth. And you know what? This is what will make you happy, not money or possessions but the feeling that you’ve lived a good and full life.

Think to yourself, what is really important in your life. That test you have next week? Okay this is important too but if you put it in aspect against the rest of your life, it’s NOTHING. In a couple of years you won’t remember a thing about that test but you’ll still remember the great times you had with friends, the moments you were proud of yourself, your accomplishments and the times you felt truly happy.
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Providing others with an awesome way of life! You may only be 1 person out of 6 billion but you’re unique and if you put your mind to it you can do BIG THINGS! You have a much bigger impact than you can imagine right now.

Through your life you will inspire people to become more and you’ll be indirectly responsible for their success. Wouldn’t that be an awesome feeling? Knowing that you’ve made a person truly happy with his or her life. Subsequent that person will inspire dozens of others and they’ll be happier to. If you look at it like this you’ll have inspired thousands of people by the end of your life. I believe that is something to be proud of. Written by Angela Uyi Dpa

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