Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Recently a guy was arrested for scamming girls on Facebook. Click to read more

Good day my people. Today I'm writing about a fraudulent trend that is peculiar on social medias; especially Facebook. The trick has been in existence for long but it just got worse now because of the economic situation in the country. The crime rate has gone up. I want to enlighten and warn you against falling a victim to such tricks. Some criminals have brought up a way of tricking people and getting money from them through social media. They create a fake profile on social media, use pictures of a very beautiful and flashy non existing girl, or where the picture is true, the girl is not even aware that someone is using her pictures somewhere. They lure men into establishing a relationship with them online, they chat with those men and after sometime, they make the chats more intimate and sexual. Then they start blackmailing the man to send them money or they will munch the chat and send to their wives; this type of blackmail is mostly used on men that make it known on their Facebook profile, who they are married to. Another way they get money from victims is by talking to them about meeting up in person and having fun, that's after chatting with the person for a while, when the man goes to meet the girl he saw in the pictures and fell in love with, it turns out to be some guys, he either gets kidnapped or robbed or even killed. Also this criminal act is perpetuated on unsuspecting vulnerable ladies on social medias too who are looking for a genuine relationship. Just recently, a guy was arrested for scamming girls on Facebook. He created a Facebook account and used pictures of a good looking man, he wrote on his profile that he is based abroad and posted all the nice things that can entice women. He then adds girls and starts to chat with them and they quickly fall for him because of his good looks, interactions and deviant manipulative approach. He gets intimate with them after a while and then request for naked pictures. Once these pictures are sent to him, he uses it to blackmail them, threatening to post them on social media if they do not send him money. He succeeded in getting money from many girls before one of them finally got the courage to report him to the police and he was arrested. So I just want to use this platform to warn us against these criminal activities and trend. Be very careful about who you befriend and get intimate with on social media and who you send nude pictures to. Some accounts on social medias are fake. There are a lot of criminals and psychopaths out there in the world. You could be chatting with a guy and think you are chatting with a beautiful girl. And ladies, you could be chatting with a dirty and scrupulous criminal thinking you are chatting with a good and honest guy that is well to do or even based abroad. It should be NOTED that the tricks mentioned are only but a few. There are other methods or tricks these criminals use to dupe people and they come up with new tricks all the time. So be careful, smart and vigilant about what you do or post on social media. Warn your loved ones too. Thank you for reading please do leave a comment.

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