Tuesday, 24 January 2017

He is having an affair

Where did I go wrong?
Did I cause this?
Often times this is the question we ask when we find ourselves in situations where our spouse or partner is having an affair.
Sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint where someone’s compulsive sexual activity originates. These could be attributed to a whole lot of factors such as family upbringing, environmental and societal classes, mid-life crisis to mention but a few, which often lead to sexual betrayal in marriage. The notion most people have that by getting married it will help them to stop or control their compulsive sexual behavior once and for all (if actually people think so) is all fallacies. You can not stop an addiction by the snap of a finger and as such these problems are not so easily overcome, however, this behavior usually re-emerge in the marriage.
Affairs in marriages or relationships are the end result of so many things. If you are wondering whether its your fault that led to your spouse’s behavior, be rest assured the answer is MAYBE OR MAYBE NOT. All marriages have deficits and problems, but not all marriages experience affairs as a result of these problems. The good news is, once the behavior is identified and the person is in acceptance and acknowledges that it is actually a problem, (know that if the person doesn't see it as a problem, it can never be resolved) then you can work towards resolving it. There are numerous channels and healthy ways of addressing the issues in your relationship.. (Watch out for the sequel "how to reduce and stop unfaithfulness in marriage/relationship.")
Caught my husband/wife having an affair", "how to overcome unfaithfulness".

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  1. I guess sometimes we just have to stay and fight or run and be miserable