Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Is Adultery Unforgivable?


There are 100 Bible verses against adultery! Some of these biblical verses include Proverbs 6:32 and Hebrews 13: 14. For God to renounce adultery a record hundred times, tells us how much God is offended by this abominable act. The Quran 4:15, 24:2 and 24:6-9 also speaks against the perversion of adultery.  

Despite these strong admonishing from the Holy Books about the horrifying sin of adultery, many husbands and wives have continued to be adulterous, including even priests and pastors!

Why are we still toying with these worst of sins? Is it a lack of knowledge or weakness of spirit and body? A lot of cases of adultery have proven that many adulterers from Christians to Hinduists are people of knowledge, learning and great faith. So why then do they fall in the trap of the seductress or charmer?

The answer could only be a lack of discipline. But to avoid these deadly trap of adultery, hear are a few steps to begin with:

1: Note that whatever bodily attributes every Woman or Man has, your spouse has or can develop same attributes with your support.

2: Kill any sexual thoughts deviating from your spouse or they will gradually ruin and even  kill . Sexual immorality develops from the mind and graduates in the bedroom.

3. Always have adequate sex with your wife or husband so as to gradually develop a fondness for them. It could save your life and secure your destiny.

4. Always be in the company of righteous and morally-upright people to switch off from lust and adultery.

5. Be open with your spouse on your sexual life for improvement. Every spouse has the innate capacity to satisfy sexually.

6. Read the Bible constantly. This healthy exercise will fill you with quality thoughts and sway you from lustful thoughts.

7. Never make a member of the opposite sex a confidante or someone with whom you share intimate matters.

8: Never be with a member of the opposite sex at a time your spouse doesn't know you are there.

9: Never speak evil about your spouse in the presence of anyone. They will know you are not happy in your marriage and take advantage of that by luring you into sexually immorality.

 10. Avoid websites with adultery/pornography content.

11: Avoid keeping secrets from your spouse, AFFAIRS thrive in secrecy.

12: Avoid confiding in the people of the opposite sex, there should be somebody of your sex you can talk to.

13: Avoid gifts and favours from the opposite sex. They may ask for sex in return.

14: Develop a positive attitude towards your spouse. Consider your spouse the best. That is the attitude that sets marriages apart from illegal relationships.

15: Invest all your sexual energy and resources in your spouse and reap the results of genuine satisfaction and holiness.

16: fill your heart with the word of God always this will not give lust a chance in your mind.

17: Adultery ultimately brings shame, pain, loss of integrity, poverty, sickness and can ruin not just your marriage, but family, wife/husband, children, friends and above all it greatly offends GOD.

18: Pray regularly for your Spouse and your marriage and you will not only harvest sexual satisfaction, but heavenly prosperity.
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