Sunday, 22 January 2017

This is the role of couples in marriage

Husbands are the governors of the the house and wives are the deputy governor/only Lady (not first lady) of the house. As a husband, you are to support your wives in everything, love her as Christ loved the church. One thing men don't understand is communication is paramount in a relationship before, during and after marriage. Your wife should be your best friend, confidant, second in command. This is because if you don't communicate with your wife during the early stage of marriage or she's not your best friend, when the kids have all grown up and left, you will be a lonely soul and become depressed. Your wife would rather prefer to be with the kids doing Omugwo than come back to the house to be with you. You should help her in the kitchen, little chores around the house, spoil her once in a while, appreciate her, flatter her with kind words, make her feel and know she is important to you. God made her a helper not a slave. Most men dont take advice from their wives, they claim to know it all and will want to be Lords of the house but they often forget that Ladies have sixth sense and you making your wife your best friend, she will always look out for you. She's got your back. Men most often than not think straight, but ladies always try to think outside the box. Men trust your wives, love them, treat them with respect and tenderness just like Christ did to the church. Wives- you are the helper to your husbands, they say behind every successful man there's a woman. Wives obey your husbands. Christ has made them the head of the house just like He(CHRIST) is the head of the church. There can't be two kings in one kingdom. You are the helper and not the head. Most women like to claim equal rights with their husbands. This often leads to problems at home. Women be submissive to your husbands in like manner as Christ has shown. Support your husbands, share his passions, dreams, be his listening ears, confidant, treat him with respect, love him, appreciate him, flatter him. A man who feels loved by his wife will always do right be her. Wives don't be shy to ask for help from your husbands make them feel useful around the house. A man likes to prove his macho so even if its little task that you can do, call him and ask for help, let him do things, don't push him away into another ladies waiting arms. It's funny but men are just grown babies that likes to be treated as one. Communication is paramount in relationships, don't be a nagging wife learn to talk things over, instead of nagging, dialogue with him. Be willing to say sorry. (Often times when we apologise, it doesn't mean we are wrong and the other person is right: It means we value our relationship more than our ego). Husband and wife treat each other with love, respect and trust.
May the peace of the Lord be in our marriages.

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