Wednesday, 25 January 2017


My advice to all the married men out there:

Love your wife and be gentle with her. When you treat her with the greatest respect, she'll treat you like a King. She has sacrificed a lot to be the best wife and mother, so appreciate her efforts, overlook any of her shortcomings and listen to her problems with attention and care.

And no matter how much you may disagree with her actions or behavior, advise her with wisdom and soft words...but NEVER under any circumstances shall you physically or emotionally ABUSE her.

My advice to all the beautiful married women out there :

Express your love to your husband and never disrespect him. Care for him after a long day's work and give him space if he needs it. Be that best friend who is always there for him and show him that you care. He is the supporter of your family so appreciate his hard work and NEVER belittle his efforts. Let the small issues pass and don't ignite the argument. And no matter how much tension can escalate between you two, try to be the first to calm the situation down...but NEVER under any circustances tell him that you had never seen any good from him.
May the peace of the Lord be with all marriages.

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