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"For better or for best", that is the new wedding slogan for newly married couples. Its all good, no one prays for the 'worst', we are only saying you've gotto be very well prepared for it when and if it does rear its ugly head. Truth be told, marriage can be sweet and bitter, beautiful and ugly, but trust me, if you do well enough to get your foundation right, settle for a partner that adores you and respects you, and most importantly a partner with the fear of God, then you certainly will experience far more of marriage's sweetness and bliss than most couples would ever experience. On Teekay's blog, our hope and expectation for you is to experience unending joy and happiness in your marriage. This is why we are serving you these 12 celebrity marriages that we think will inspire you, especially if you're presently dealing with marital issues that appear to be getting the better of you. 


For those who believe Nollywood marriages don't go the distance, please think again! This couple, who arguably boasts of one of nollywood's most enduring marriages, have been married for over two decades. Despite the challenges of both of them being involved in movies (Ngozi was formerly an actress) they have survived all the odds and still waxing strong. 

An amazing couple. Everyone just seems to love them. When you get the chance to meet this two together, you'll be blown away by the simple fact that they make it all look so easy. Soni Irabor is a veteran broadcaster and the CEO of Inspiration FM while Betty is an author and the publisher of Genevieve magazine. Through thick and thin, Betty and Soni have stuck together for over two decades. 

Not many gave this couple a chance. At the time they got married, they were engulfed in a fiery controversy that very nearly consumed the wedding even before it took off. A woman had appeared from the blues weeks to their wedding claiming she was Prince's legal wife whom he married and abandoned in Europe with his kids. As the controversy raged on and spread like wild fire, the two stuck together like bees to honey, with Prince insisting his marriage to the lady was dead and buried yeas back, long before he met Mercy. Today, they are both blessed with three lovely kids.

Before she got married, she was everyone's sweet little darling.She still is. Dakore was the sweet and pretty petite t.v. gal that movie lovers just couldn't get enough of. They met each other several years ago in the U,S, and have gone on to become the envy of their peers. At the initial stage of their marriage, many feared that getting married into the intimidating Akande dynasty might put Dakore under severe pressure and may not be able to cope. Bu she has since gone on to prove many wrong, and she's got adorable kids to show for it!

Another amazing couple who have broken all barriers and defied all the odds. Pastor Ighodalo and incredibly beautiful wife, Ibidun, who was a former Lux beauty queen, have been married for over a decade now. In a society where bearing offsprings is seen as the primary essence of marriage, Ibidun and her husband have stuck together, keeping faith and trusting God to fill their home with the cry of babies when it is His time.Pastor Ituah Ighodalo is the Senior Pastor at Trinity Christian Centre. 

Simply charming couple. They certainly complement each other. Fela Durotoye is one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the land today while his wife, Tara, is the smart,and hugely popular make-up artist behind the brand known as House of Tara International. The beauty expert and mother of three is into a bit of counselling for women and marriage as well. She will be the first to tell you that no marriage is perfect but the she and her husband have been able to completely trust each other. 

They both met on a movie set in 1996 and have never looked back ever since. Even when the kids failed to come several years after their marriage, they stood by each other and believed in each other. In truth, many were anxiously waiting to read about their separation in the papers, believing it was only a matter of time that the strain of childlessness in the marriage will tear them apart. But it never happened.Today, not only have the kids come, they have also been able to build together a brand name that will surely feed them and their children's children for a long time to come.

He was every woman's heart-throb. A brilliant actor and articulate speaker. When he got married to the equally desirable t.v. gal, Jumobi, at a time when RMD was believed to be dating several other women, many didn't think the marriage could go past the first year before falling apart. Even years after wedding, all manner of stories hinting that the marriage was troubled kept coming up. But they were able to weather the storms together. Between them they have five children.

Another couple you can't help but love. They have been married for over two decades and have about six children between them to  care for. Being practitioners of the media industry, their understanding of each other is almost uncanny. Despite their individual successes as on screen personalities, they have remained committed to each other and to their marriage. 

Many would tongue lash us if this two don't make this list. And indeed, this write-up would be incomplete without them on it. Both respected veteran actors who have become role models to younger ones, particularly in the industry, never fail to laugh and enjoy each other's company whenever they're attending public functions together. Despite that they've been married for over two decades, they still cut the picture of young lovers who are heads over heels in love with each other. 

Theirs would make a perfect love story. A classic fairy tale.and money  They first met several years ago when Tuface was still hustling and jumping buses to perform at shows. She was young and in love. Over night, humongous success came for Tuface and she lost him to the hordes of women who flocked around him. He ended up having kids from a couple of these women. She cried, walked away but just could never stay away from him. Eventually, Tubaba realized Annie was the real deal and chose her to be his African Queen. They got married few years ago and have two kids between them. And they are waxing stronger with each passing day. 

Another testament to the fact that actresses can indeed have successful marriages.Take it or leave it, Omotola is unarguably Nigeria's biggest movie star. Blessed with an incredibly sexy figure and a really pretty face despite being a mother of four, she is also blessed with an amazing husband too. Mathew Ekeinde, a senior pilot with Arik Air has been a remarkable husband to his super star actress. He is always by her side supporting her all the way on every project she's embarked on. They have a ten years age difference between them but you will hardly notice. They seem like buddies together. You can tell how well they have raised their four kids too, they are all very well mannered and cultured children.

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