Saturday, 1 April 2017


If you don’t show your emotion during sex, then your man won’t know whether you like it or not. Don’t hold back a scream when you feel like screaming from pleasure, breath harder if that’s how you’re feeling. Generally, make some noise, because that’s the best way to inform your partner about the state of your feelings at that moment. Not only would it help him, but it would help you too, because now, your man would be better informed about the things you like best and in the end, the person who’d benefit from it would be you! When he’s trying hard to please you and you don’t show your emotions, you’ll only end up confusing the poor chap. Don’t do it. They hate it!  

When making love, men totally hate it when you seem to be miles away instead of right there with them. When sex commences, it is best not to choose that particular moment in time to pick your nails, answer a call, or even take a nap-no! Pay attention to what he’s doing and to what you’re doing too.


Whatever you do, don’t fake it! If you’re not feeling up to it, then it’s best not to pretend. If he’s not doing it the right way, then feel free to tell him so, instead of going along on the torturous ride, stringing him along and making him think you’re enjoying it. One of the biggest put-offs for men is when they discover that their woman has been faking it all worst scenario comes when you fake an orgasm-that’s just the height of it. They just can’t take it.

No man likes to see a woman pretending to be coy when he knows she’s actually capable of exploding. If you feel like grabbing his balls, then by all means, go right ahead. If you feel like having it from behind, then don’t hesitate to give him your derriere. It’s all about expression. Don’t hold back, when you know you don’t feel like doing so. If he knows that’s not your true nature, you’ll only end up putting him off, or worse yet, getting him angry; what you want is a passionate man in bed, not an angry one.

If you want to receive exquisite pleasure, don’t forget to give it to your partner too. When men think that their ladies in bed don’t care at all about their feelings, it’s because the ladies are not showing it. Women should always remember to ask questions such as, “Let him know that you care what he feels and if he likes it or not. They love to have our attention. Why they don’t feel cared for, it makes them selfish lovers in bed whether they love you or not. So don’t be uncaring, be nice.

(Written by my colleague, Wale Lawal)

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