Friday, 7 April 2017


The news has been filtering in for some time now. And although neither of the two parties involved have officially admitted nor deny it yet, but all the tell tales are there to suggest that naija pop diva, Tiwa Savage and her estranged husband, Tunji Balogun, aka Teebillz, may be coming back together as husband and wife again. On different occasions, the once celebrated showbiz couple have been seen hanging out together, but always in the company of their son. Only last Sunday, they were pictured together in church with their only, Jamil. It will be recalled that the two lovebirds caused quite a commotion when it was announced they had parted ways. They broke the hearts of many of their fans who just couldn't imagine the couple separated. And to add fuel to the flame, they began trading accusations and counter accusations. Things got really messy when Teebillz reeled out a long list of personalities he claimed had slept with his wife. Tiwa, of course denied the allegations and reeled out too a number of her ex husband's escapades with women, plus his passion for drugs and reckless spending, which, sadly included stealing from her. Then there was also the suicide drama part by Teebillz (only God knows what he was thinking at the time) The guy felt he couldn't take the heat anymore and decided to bring the pain he was feeling inside to an end. Thankfully, he was stopped just in time from doing the unthinkable. All of this happened last year, fast forward to April 2017 , the reconciliation cards seem pretty well on the table, but the big question is, can they get it right this time? 

Yes, they can. And seriously, the prayer any well meaning individual should pray for them at this time is that they should get it right. Right here, on Teekay's blog, that's also our fervent prayer for them. But the truth is, its not going to be easy. They've got to handle the process the right way. First and foremost, Tiwa and hubby must be sure they're getting back together again because they genuinely want to, and not because families or the society pressured them into getting back together again. This is very key to the success of their reunion. Secondly, they must seek professional help and counselling. An expert will also help them pull through the tricky process of reconciliation. Thirdly, they must be ready to let go of all that happened in the past, not even a shred of some of the hurtful things they said about each other must remain in their memories. Every single hurtful word must be deleted. Fourthly, they must be prepared to completely and truthfully forgive each other. It is on this premise that the success or otherwise of the reunion will be determined. There must be total forgiveness. Finally, they must renew their vows, privately this time. They must tell themselves all over-again how much they mean to each other and how determined they are to stand by each other in sickness and in health and even in the face of the fiercest 'media controversy'. And one more thing, they must keep their little conflicts away from the public. A word of advice: the moment your partner upsets you, please stay away from social media until you have totally purged yourself of the rage brewing inside you. You don't want to repeat last year's drama all over again, do you? 

Yes, they can get it right this time, but they must be ready to stay true to each other. They must be willing to put their egos aside and throw everything they've got into the marriage, and then let God take care of the rest. Here's wishing both of them the very best. 

What do you think? Should they give their marriage a second shot? Will they get it right this time? Do let us hear from you.

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