Monday, 18 September 2017

5 signs that love may be lacking in your marriage

Today I want to outline some of the signs that love may be lacking in a marriage:

1. Stinginess: If your partner  loves you they wont be stingy to you. John 3: 16
When someone who can give, is not giving to you question the persons love for you, when you are in Love you do some things without thinking twice. You should give your time to your relationship, emotions, material things, and sometimes you give up a goal for the good of someone you love.

2. Disobedience: Where you see disobedience in a relationship there's no Love - 1 John 5 vs 3
If your partner is disobedient to you in anyway he or she doesn't care. You dont care about your partner because if u do u will obey and respect them and your marital vows.
You obey someone you want to please.
Disobedience is a sign that you dont want to please your partner.

3. It's all About You: When a man can do whatever he likes and the woman same then the love in the relationship is gone.

4. Despising Your Partner's Consent: When your partner stops involving you in their plans, start caring more or only about themselves and their feelings and desires, they it's same to assume that they no longer love you like they did. 

5. Lack of Romantic Gestures: when love is gone in a marriage or relationship, there are no more feelings left.  For example, you notice that your spouse no longer feels bad or hurt by your wrong actions, that's because they have no more feelings for you and so they don't care what you do or don't do. And there will be no more romantic gestures like unexpected kisses, surprise gifts, romantic messages or words, especially if they used to do all that and suddenly just stopped.

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