Friday, 15 September 2017

Getting Married Soon or Already Married? This piece will help build your marriage.

Marriage as they say, is not a bed of roses. It does not always go as easy as you probably imagined as a child. Havoever, a happy marriage is very possible and achievable if the parties involved do their bits. To make it work, there are some things you need to know.

You must understand that in marriage the reality is as you
clave with your wife, you will be leaving something behind, as you clave to your husband, you should leave some people behind, as you clave to your marriage you will be leaving behind your old life so that you can get hold of a new life. Whatever you want you don't get it on a plater of Gold in marriage.

Work hard for whatever you want to achieve in your marriage. Work for peace, work for communication, you have to work for joy, that's the reality, leave your childhood ambition of driving a luxurious car for a while if you are not officially capable yet until you train your children out of school. You have to leave some friends behind even if they're  not bad people, leave them especially if they do not add value to your marriage.

You can't spend your whole time hanging out with your friends as if you are not married too. Any friend that is not qualified to be a family friend is not worthy to be your friend, that is the reality. If your friend is not qualified enough  to be as a family friend to your family then that is not good for you, because you and your wife are now one,  according to the scripture, if that guy is not friendly enough to be a friend of your wife or husband, then they can't be your friend because your spouse is your family, if you insist on your friendship with the guy it means you have something in common that has nothing to do with your family and such friendship can destroy your marriage, such friendships becomes an appendix and builds grounds to gossip and condemn your spouse. 

Its not advisable to call your friends anytime you face challenges in your marriage to talk to them about your spouse because they don't always do anything to help. And you stand a risk of been encouraged in a negative way that will make the situation worse. And as I always advice, communication with your spouse is key to a successful marriage. You should be able to talk to your spouse about anything and everything, even about your issues, talk about it and resolve it indoors. 

Marriage is a place of giving rather than a place of taking. Some people are struggling in their marriages because they believe that marriage is a place of taking only. Marriage should be seen as a place of giving and receiving. Marriage is a work place. Marriage is a place of us rather than me.
When 2 people love each other they spread love.. you don't see scarcity of  love in their union because they give love to each other freely.

Do not go into marriage expecting to use your marriage to your own personal advantage. Have a giving mentality in your marriage. Love can't work if there's giving more from one spouse.

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