Sunday, 10 September 2017

PART 2: Whatever is Done in The Dark...

I turned to my wife. She was looking away from me. I could see a tear drop run from straight down the side of her face. I wanted to move a few steps closer to her so I can jolt her to speak to me, but I found my legs had suddenly grown too heavy to carry me. 
"Gina!" I screamed at the top of my wife. That jolted her. She turned to face me. "What in heaven's name is going on here?"
"I don't understand, sweetheart, I don't know these people..." she responded with a voice that was trembling heavily. Hard as I tried to believe her, it was so obvious she wasn't saying the truth.
"Oh, you don't know us now, right?" the old lady remarked with contempt in her voice. "Its all good," she'd continued and turned to me. "Listen, I know this must be very hard for you, and please, don't see us as wicked insensitive people, but your wife and fate forced our hands and we have no choice but to do this. Over eleven years ago, your wife was dating my son. He was living with me and the family then. Gina was a regular guest at the house. He was looking for a job then and so, when she took in for him months after, he asked her to abort the pregnancy so they could plan together and wait till he had a job that can sustain them and any child that comes thereafter. But Gina said she couldn't abort the pregnancy, that she was scared she could lose her life. I didn't know any of this at the time, otherwise, I would've asked Gina to keep the baby. I didn't know about this until a few months later when I noticed I wasn't seeing Gina with Ikechukwu anymore. My son was still trying to persuade her and make her see reason when she suddenly disappeared and cut off communication from us. She stopped coming to the house completely. By the time we knew what was happening, she had gotten engaged to you! And a little less than eleven months after, she gave birth to the child you named Junior. Apparently, you just walked into her life at the time she desperately needed a man to father her unborn child!"

I nearly fainted. Everything was coming into place now. The sudden appearance of a pregnancy immediately after my first sex with Gina, and then her insistence on keeping the child which eventually informed our hurried wedding arrangements. From a corner of my eyes, I looked in Gina's direction, she was already on the floor, in tears. She knew her game was up, this was the shameful secret she'd kept away from all these years. But you know about what they say about what ever's done in the dark, it will always come to the light. Hers had turned full circle.
"She can't deny any of this," the guy finally spoke. And believe me, I have never hated anyone the way I hated that guy. Even the very sound of his voice enraged me. How can he walk in here and claim to be the father of my boy, the child whom I loved with every fibre in my body? The boy who is the very soul of my soul? 
"I have been in touch with her for over a year now, seeking a more sensible way out of this mess," the idiot had gone on. "I have all our conversations recorded, and of course, all the messages we exchanged where she never denied for once that I'm the father of the boy, her only grouse is that I never wanted him and so she gave the baby to somebody else who wanted him. These are overwhelming evidences that would make the need for a DNA test an absolute waste of time and resources." There was silence. Nobody was saying anything. The only sounds you could hear were Gina's sobs and the heavy beating of my heart slamming hard against my chest. 
"Now, I'm sure you'll be wondering, so why now? Why didn't we come for our son long before now?" the stupid, arrogant old woman broke the silence. "I will explain. My son has had a failed marriage that produced no child. At first, we thought it was the wife that was barren, only for medical results to show that my son has suddenly developed medical issues that may prevent him from getting a woman pregnant. That is why we have been begging Gina to give us our son back. You guys already have two other kids, keep your two biological kids and give us own son back, that is all we ask for, please..." 

What would you do if you were in Ade's shoes? What would become of your marriage to Gina? Do share your thoughts with us, we'll be glad to have them.

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  1. Wow...this is really really heart breaking