Saturday, 30 September 2017


A lot have often wondered, what really makes a marriage successful? How can couples make their marriage work? Why do some people have a happy union and some others don't? Truth of the matter is that, there are no established strategies to making a union work and last, all it requires is equal commitment and devotion from both parties. And of course, the grace of God. But there are some well kept secrets to making a marriage work and last. We consider these secrets very golden, and would like to share some of them with you. 

In any marriage, Gentleness & Softness are always

excellent.They bring about unity,love & peace.While on the contrary,harshness brings about disunity & instability. For husband & wife to live in harmony, they must admire & be merciful to one another. In addition, the wife must respect he husband and he must be kind to her

Your husband deserves to be respected. Be obedient and good to him. Be polite, smile always and take care of his desire & stomach. And to the husband, your dearest wife deserves massive kindness. Be kind to her in everything: Feed her; cloth her; educate her; accommodate her; & pardon her.

Your Wife is neither a slave nor a housekeeper. She is your companion that partakes in division of labour with you to establish an ideal family. Conflict is inevitable in marriage. Kindness, fair hearing, forgiveness, justice & softness bring about stability & harmony in marital life when these conflicts come.

A wife is like the shepherd of the household. Her responsibility is a huge one.She is an institution that produces all scholars & pious leaders globally. Dear brother, are you looking for a faultless wife? A wife that can't offend you at all? If yes, then, sorry we've got bad news for you, there's absolutely no one in this world that is perfect, it is only in Paradise above that you'll find one. 

As part of kindness, if the wife asks her husband for allowances for breastfeeding her children from him, he should try to pay her something, in form of a gift, to show her appreciation. Evidence of allowances for breastfeeding. Almighty says: Then if they give suck to the children for you, give them their due payment. Q65:6

The Prophet ص would say, "The best among you is he who is kindest to his wife & I'm kindest to my wife". No so-called Feminism can beat this.

To the wife, your husband is neither a messenger nor an aide. He deserves your massive respect for his spending etc. Can you imagine your life without him?

The attitude of, "I am always right" by both husband & wife, brings about chaos & pandemonium in marital life. Neither of you is infallible. Both husband & wife must be convinced that to err is human. They must be ready to serve as a mirror to one another. Accept each other's mistakes when corrected.

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