Monday, 4 September 2017

What Ever is Done in The Dark...

When I was much younger and I heard adults say only a woman knows the true father of her child, I was always often puzzled. It didn't quite sink into my head at the time. How could only the woman know the father of her child? Doesn't everybody know the father of her child is her husband? I had wondered. But that was a long time ago. Now, I understand where the adults were coming from then. Today, some medical experts have claimed they have statistics to show that over 50% of the first child in many families are actually not fathered by the man they know as their father. Some have even insisted the percentage is well over 60%. I have found this stunning ever since I stumbled onto it last year. But, truth is, whether the figures are exaggerated or not, this issue remains perhaps one of man's biggest challenges in marriage, especially when the union is one built on insufficient love and lacking in absolute faithfulness. I remember Ade's story. This happened less than a year ago. Its a true life story that can only be described as any man's biggest nightmare, the sort of ordeal you would never wish even on your worst enemy. Read Ade's shocking story and share your thoughts with us afterwards....

I was home that Sunday afternoon. Usually, a couple of hours after Sunday service every Sunday, I would drive to the gym and then hang out with friends to watch football over a couple of drinks. But I was home, in the living room, when the door bell rang. I got to the door, opened it and found a guy about my age and an elderly woman, standing at the door. 
"Yes?" I'd thrown at them, wondering if they were just friendly Jehovah's Witnesses.
"Good afternoon, we're here to see your wife, please", the guy said to me.
I was still wondering what to make of them when my wife, Gina, appeared from inside. 
"Sweetheart, who's at the door?" she'd asked from behind me. I stepped aside and she saw the visitors. And, instantly, Gina froze when she saw them. Her legs buckled under her and I feared she was going to pass out or something.
"Do you know these people, Gina?" I asked her.
"May we come in, please? You certainly won't find the answer you seek while we're still standing outside your door", the elderly woman spoke before I got any response from Gina. And without waiting for any approval, they strolled past me into my living room and sat down together on the double-seater not too far from the door. 

I remained standing, watching them, watching Gina. For reasons I couldn't understand, my wife couldn't look at me in the eye, she was simply trembling all over.
I turned to the strange visitors. "What can we do for you, please?"
The woman cleared her throat. "We are indeed very sorry to barge in on you this way, young man, but my son and I had tried to get your wife to handle this differently but she remained stubborn, threatening fire and brimstone!" 
"What exactly is the problem, please, can you go straight to the point?" Their presence was beginning to irritate me. How much money could my wife possibly be owing them that they had the nerve to stroll into my house acting like they built it for me!
"Okay, dear, we'll go straight to the point, " the old woman continued, "we have come to take what belongs to us."
I turned to Gina. "What is she talking about Gina, how much money are you owing them for Christ's sake?"
"Sweetheart, I don't know what she's talking about.." Gina was saying, but the sharp tongued woman didn't let her finish.
"We have not come here for money, young man, we are here to take what belongs to us..."
"What are you babbling about, old woman?" I'd shot at her, my patience starting to run out.
"We are here to take our son, our biological son, the one you call Junior, your son!"
"What? What are you talking about? Are you insane? Are you mad? Are you...?"
"Why don't you direct both the questions and the insults at your wife?" 
(To be concluded soon)

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